Stressed about creating a game


I was thinking about trying to create a game as a full time project but i am very worried about being accepted. I am young, inexperienced and i did not finish highschool yet due to personal reasons at the age of 18. Is there any chance i could be accepted if i send a few demo or would i waste time on the project. I still plan to learn ChoiceScript to write stories for my friends. I follow this forum since it begining when they only had choice of dragon and i know that i can make something equal to most games currently published if i work hard enough.


@cyanide that’s a worry every person who sends in a game will experience. As long as it’s thought out and it’s intriguing, they won’t care if you’re inexperienced or a drop out and they’ll accept it. The important thing that if you get too stressed out, take a break for a bit and come back to it. You don’t have a set deadline to send the game in so you can take as long as you want


Thank you. I was not sure how to approach the situation. Didn’t want to look dumb or anything. I will start working on my game as soon as i have access to my PC. Im a frequent Dungeon Master so im used to create worlds and stories and just now i saw that choiceScript seem rather easy to learn so i thought i could give it a go.


Yeah it’s easy to get the hang of, as long as you’re not like me and are a complete dunce lol


Im already writing things for the game. Its gonna be amazing.


There is always something you do for the first time in your entire life. But if you just step away you’ll never know if you would be just perfect in it, in your case creating a game. So go for it and never doubt your capacities :smile:


I think @Samuel_H_Young is one of the best people to answer this for you.

If you’re not a published author though then you’ll need to start with a hosted game, but writing a hosted game will then count as being published and you can then pitch ideas for a Choice of Game.

At 18 you’re certainly not the youngest author here. The first ever hosted game was written by someone still in school who was young enough that he needed his parents to sign the forms.

Good luck.


You have a huge advantage here… the people in these forums. We’re all willing to help and guide and playtest and give feedback.


@JimD is right. Your fellow Coggers are here to help. Just focus on getting your first draft done and your feedback from here will make it shine. Remember there is no such thing as someone who can’t write we just need the creative spark and the help and motivation of our peers!

You’d be surprised at how much feedback you will get and you’ll see your game evolve and flourish because of it.


I already PMed Cyanide about it. :slight_smile:


Oh good. :slight_smile: I figured I’d flag you just in case you hadn’t seen the post.


If you have the guts to even try writing “full time” then you’re in a better position than most of us, who don’t have that luxury or drive. Good luck, fellow DM/CoG-writer!


Thank you so much guys. I already started the game. Just really stucked with dumb coding right now. Cant figure out why the heck it wont show a second choice even though it worked perfectly earlier. I’l get the hang of it.