Story Requests?

This may come off as odd…very odd indeed but here it goes. I am willing to create a story for someone else. I will do the one with the most likes/the most favorable to the public. I’m very new to coding, but I’ve gotten the hang of it and can at least start from somewhere. I have been writing for a few years and I think I’m decent at that too.

The problem that keeps occurring is that I somehow cannot stick with a single idea, so I’m hoping that this will be an incentive for me to keep at it and continue on with it. I also want to practice coding and writing in general, so I wouldn’t mind doing it overall.

And yeah…that’s pretty much it. If you want feel free to message me privately or I can message you and we can maybe work something out? I really want to support the community and to give the people what they want.

I highly doubt I will receive a response on this, much less enough people who agree on the same story, but I tried my best. If this doesn’t work I’ll try something original, and hope that it works.


Hello and welcome to the forums.

I think it may vary as to how one particular writer writes. Some write romance better, some medieval fantasy, some modern drama, some slice of life. As it stands I do not know what you’re proficient in or what you yourself feel comfortable writing.
Therefore, i feel if you could give people an idea as to what are your strengths and weaknesses in regards of topics of writing, it’d be more easier for both you and the one who gives the opinion.

Being slightly hypocritical, let me not be a spoilsport. I’d offer some ideas, but please do not take this as something you have squint your brows and think about! It’s just a suggestion and my own 2 cents.

  1. medieval fantasy- romance/adventure/mystique/war/revenge.
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Oh btw, rather than doing it for someone else, why do you not instead try doing it your own way? As you said, you can’t stick to one idea for too long so if you dedicate yourself, you’ll have an incentive (in the form of a promise that’ll you have to keep!) and create your very own story too. If enough people support your idea, then you might feel some enthusiasm and dedication towards it.

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Thanks! I’m glad to be here. I do a variety of genres, although you are correct that there are some areas I do feel more comfortable in. I’ll edit this post, and possibly include an example of my writing as well. I will definitely consider your generous offer and I’ll see what I can do. If nobody else steps forward then I guarantee that I will at least attempt to write your idea and follow through.

Also, excellent choice on the concept. I’ve been meaning to do medieval fantasy for some time, and I want to play around with the possibilities/ideas.

Still, thank you once again. I wasn’t having high hopes for an actual reply.

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You are a very wise person. I will attempt to do so, I think I require a proper idea and one that I actually feel passion for, which can definitely occur with support. I may incorporate other ideas into one or try to make it so that it fits into a world without being confusing and awkward.

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Indeed that will be fruitful. If you feel like it do consider posting your story idea here and gauge the community’s reaction to it -

That will help you understand what works best to engage the community. :beers:

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Just an idea as I was reading this, you can make a poll, let’s say, for the genre:
fantasy / science fiction / western / medieval /

Another for the character abilities:
none / magic / technology / supernatural / etc…

And something like that for the things that make the story, characters, plot, romance, etc etc. You would be writing your book that is based on the votes of everyone who wants to vote on the polls. Kind of a crazy experiment maybe, I don’t know what possibly could come out of that if it even works, but yeah, you’ll be letting the people decide big parts of it.


You are a godsend :grin: Thank you. I’ll try my best to keep up with what people want in stories and the best overall feedback for different genres, concepts, etc. :smile: This community made me feel overwhelmed, so I’m glad that so far, the experience has gone well enough to where I feel comfortable and less stressed by all the posts and wonderful stories on here.

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I’m so embarrassed I didn’t consider that first. I think that may be my best bet. I also don’t know what to expect from it either. But I’d be willing to try it and see the results.

Thank you so much. :raised_hands: Both of you have been wonderful, and I think I have a better understanding of how to go about this.


How about a CYOA story in which the main character (i.e., you) are a Teddy Bear? :slightly_smiling_face:

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what about a story where YOU are the favorite toy of a child and you have to find your way back to that child, ala toy story?

I think this thread has about run its course; future ideas may be DM’d to the original author.