Stepchild (prototype opening)

This is the experimental prototype opening of a long-neglected mad fantasy epic that’s been rattling in my head for years. It was an experiment with the IDE and to test how I do using ChoiceScript. I’m considering whether this will work better in Inform or CS.


Pretty funny so far. If anyone else is reading this comment, I strongly recommend that you give the game a try.

Ok ok I love this already it was so god damn funny not that many games get good with the jokes in this lol

Obsolutely hilarious, and the prologue’s not even done yet lol

O yes, humour! We need more CoGs with humour. :smiley:

I think it works well in CS so far but I have naturally no idea where you intend to take it.

This is funny.
And the plot is more incoherent than a drunk with a heavy accent.
(if there even is a plot)


Really funny.:joy:Can’t wait for more :relaxed:

i must say that was out in left field there. I mean really deep, deep right field there wow.

not my type of wip, but good luck with it anyway :slightly_smiling:

I absolutely loved this (especially since my MCs a werewolf) I think this will make a great game it’s hilarious!

Hahaha, okay, this was surprisingly cute and original. I did actually laugh out loud. I’m not sure what else you’re looking for it to do, but CS seems to work well so far for what you have in mind. I encourage you to keep going!

Really interesting humor I recommend reading it :slight_smile:

Dean grabs a handful of complimentary mints from the dish to fortify hunger after a meager breakfast of pussy, and moves to the standby corral to wait for notification to queue again, completely ignoring another menacing glare from the guard.

Must’ve been the guard’s wife.


Really funny :joy: Good work, I’m really looking forward to this!

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I’ve been ambivalent about which project I should work on first, but this helps a lot.