Star wars idea?

Well, here we go.

I’ve always wanted to actually make a game here. But the deal is, I don’t know anything about coding
At all. I’m a very good writer though, so I got that covered. So can someone teach me a bit on coding? (My game idea is a star wars game called Inquisitor, where your a force sensitive agent of the empire going to hunt down Jedi, with your companions.)

I wonder, won’t that jump some kind of Copy Right?

Choice of Games offers help about Coding, I can help you with some basics if you need help :slight_smile:

Is this a game you want published? It might be an idea to read the rules for hosted games if that’s the case

You can learn from there. And if you have any problems, there’s a lot of help available in forum.

I’d love some help on coding! And I guess since its copyright I can think of a new idea

So long as it’s going to be free.

Because if it’s not then you are infringing upon copyright. And I don’t think you want to mess with the army of lawyers Disney has.

Full of rats… sooo many rats…

Even if it’s free, published fanfic can be on shakey ground. I think the site says it wont publish anything copyrighted.

Of course it (CoG) wont. The games best chance is having its own blog and spreading info via forums. Published fanfic is always a terrible idea.

Unless your name is E.L. James.


You can’t write a star wars game but you can write a game set on a distant futuristic galaxy filled with strange alien races and space battles where there is an evil government/empire and elite warriors that use some sort of mystic or magical powers etc…


Or you can try to get permission from Disney, but they will require a lot of your revenue.

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Seeing how the only company with rights to make Star Wars games is EA… well you will also have a lot more money than the game will ever make.

Protip: Don’t screw with Disney.


Can someone tell me what i did wrong here?

Or you can try the EU’s parody exception, not all parodies have to be funny, after all.

Alternatively you could try to mount a campaign to kick the bums out of office (hasn’t worked so far but what can we do but keep trying) and bring some sense back into the world of IP.

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Dude. No. Just no. You don’t fuck with Disney, or you’ll wake up one day, answer the door, and stare down an AT-AT.

Oh believe me if I ever get a shred of power I’ll fuck the bums on the Commission all I like, until the worst of them are serving sentences of “forever minus a single day”. My ire is not at Disney my ire is firmly focused on our pusillanimous little twats who dare call themselves lawmakers.

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If you’re looking into an idea along the space faring Samurai/Ninja/Knight genre its not too far flung to have a similar baseline, of honor and impossible abilities, but be very careful in the constructing of it.

You could have a space faring race that acts as an extreme law enforcement and the other assassins and mercs. Perhaps cybernetic or genetically modified beyond normal limits where close quarters weapons make sense to be put to use, or other technology that favours the personal touch, or may this is strictly for theatricality and intimidation “Is that thing really using a SWORD!!!” I’d be thrown off if someone came at me with a sword, worse if I couldn’t land a shot, reputation, intimidation, and skill turn into near mythological reverence and terror ala staring down a corridor and seeing a jedi or a sith staring back… OH SH*&^!!

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You need a # at the beginning of that line, since it’s still part of the choice body.