Questions about releasing a Star Wars Game


Hello everyone!

I’m in doubt about a game that I’m planning for a long time ago.

In the game, the MC will be an Stormtrooper of the Imperial Army of Star Wars. I’ve written a good part of the game first, only to finally percept that Star Wars is copyrighted. (I’m a bit slow :grin:)

Before I delete all I wrote, I need to ask: Is possible that I release the game? As a Fan Game, perhaps, free and without ads.

Lastly, I’m not a native speaker, so my English is poor, I’m sorry.


I think if you release anything free for no profit online (you won’t get it released officially like an app) and state clearly you don’t own the property and are doing it as a fan project you should be fine. I’ve been mapping out a set of Marvel games almost as long myself with the same fears of issues. You might just want to be wary where you upload such things though, but I think via Dashingdon would be ok.

Sounds interesting though! Would be slightly more interesting if you could be a Rebel Soldier as well, mind. But I would love to see it.


Your English is fine.

On the subject at hand, some of the earliest CoGs are fully available free of charge, and while I don’t think CoG has had any issues with Copyright (I’m not an expert on company affairs), if you don’t publish it on a platform like this website, you’ll most likely be fine.

I for one am also looking forward to playing as a Stormtrooper sharpshooter. Could be a breathtaking Star Wars experience.


It’s always possible to rename a few key words and make it a story about a soldier from the future. :slight_smile:

Poor example, but 50 Shades of Grey was originally fanfic and now it’s made them a lot of money because they took away the names from the copyrighted story they started with. :slight_smile:


It’s not entirely a sub for having a game set in a canon universe though, so long as the goal isn’t making such things for profit or stepping on anyone’s toes. But like you say and if there’s a full on cash seeking game in mind, it needs to be original.

Honestly a fan game via something like Choice Script, Quest or Twine is effectively an interactive kind of fanfiction, and virtually no one has issues with that (unless they’re Anne Rice or super petty).


Don’t touch Disney. They will punch you into bankruptcy so hard you’ll be seeing stars for a while.


Again, if something is basically interactive fan fiction and they don’t have any intention to make profit from it, how exactly is it a problem or threatening their interests?

I get why fan films can have a bigger issue like all the nonsense which Prelude to Axar caused with Paramount and the Star Trek Licence given that’s a visual medium and thus much more like what they are paying tribute to, but if those companies actually started targeting fan fiction then you might as well say fandom isn’t allowed to exist at all.

Disney and Lucasarts won’t care if they have any sense. Trust me.


Disney are trigger happy with their lawyers. You do not test them. Period.


If that’s true that only shows how selfish and petty those lawyers are if they go after anything so low key. Honestly if it comes to a fight against fandom itself, you are only going to lose the moral vote. Any of these fan projects happen out of love more than anything.

As I said, this is effectively fan fiction, and that is literally everywhere. The reason Paramount relented against fan films and coming to trial with Prelude to Axar is that they knew they would lose because the jury would never side with them. If companies like them or Disney started actually going against fan fiction, the amount of mire they would create would be crazy.

Ultimately if it’s done for love and not for profit, it’s fine.


Thank you all for the awsner!

So, I’ve decide to continue the game project (he is at about 40%), and furthermore post it on another site perhaps.

I’ve liked the idea about playing with an Rebel soldier too. I’ll think a manner to place this on the game too :grinning:

At least, the last question is: I can’t publish the game as an app in some manner? The app is so much better to play than through an website, in my opinion.

And, if I can’t publish him as an app through Hosted Games, can I publish the app by myself? (I really want to turn him into an app :grin:


No, you can’t. Not only would you be in violation of Disney’s copyright, but you’d be in violation of ours.


Oh, I’m sorry. So, I can only publish him through an website, correct?

I’m​ not thinking about using the game to earn money. No ads, nor pay chapters, it’s only a tribute for the franchise that, in my opinion, is one of the best.

I’m sorry if I’ve been disrespectful​ with the previous question, was not mine intention, actualy, I don’t know exactly how all this work. :V


As Jason said an app would be out of the question because they would imply making a product for something which you don’t own. So I’d stick to having it on Dashingdon myself. Copyright laws can be a tad complex.

But ultimately as I said if its effectively interactive fanfiction - and you not be the first to make that, including Star Wars stuff - and you’re releasing it for free as something clearly defined as a fan project, you should be fine. :slight_smile: And awesome about adding the Rebel soldier idea, glad you liked the suggestion.


As much as I like Star Wars, don’t.

If you’ve ever heard of game companies shutting down fan projects even though the projects were free, the reasoning is a little complex. Basically the company has to protect their Intellectual Property otherwise they can lose it. So when someone makes a game about Star Wars and it’s free, no ads, no nothing, Disney still has to take it down because they can lose the rights to their own IP. People will start pointing to your game and go “Well HE did it, why can’t I do it?” It’s silly, it’s stupid and it’s legal jumbo. But that’s basically why.


It’s still idiotic, especially when this sort of game is just effectively interactive fan fiction, and if a company like Lucasarts/Disney would really be so mind numbingly petty to try and take all of THAT down, fandom might as well not exist.

I’m working on numerous Marvel related interactive projects right now and I don’t have any interest in taking their intellectual property off them (tempting as it would be to fix some nonsense they get up to in the comics). All this thinking achieves is giving fear when they shouldn’t be any.

Companies need to recognize fans like to enjoy their stuff and express themselves accordingly. It’s not meant to be a hostile takeover. :wink:


Just yes I need this


But disney would sew your ass


So sadly this probably will not be​:weary::weary:


Jesus… Disney isn’t even going to know it exists, or care. Do people really honestly believe they would feel a little interactive fiction project (which is free and done for love) is going to be a threat to their huge corporation and the IP’s?


@derekmetaltron - you’re making a large assumption, thinking Disney wouldn’t care. They barely tolerate fanfiction and have been known to threaten legal suits over fanfic. It doesn’t matter if they know that particular piece exists. Disney is one of the worst companies about this, by leaps and bounds.

If you really want to do a fanwork, go the 50 Shades route and replace all the names…change descriptions slightly. Or make it a parody, which is firmly covered under US law (not sure about anything else). It cannot be a serious work, though, without the threat of, well, threats.