A Galaxy Far, Far Away?

I’ve been wondering if there’s a CoG or CYOA of Star Wars. I’ve found the Jedi Guardian one, but it’s… not really my style.

And, while we’re at it – I’ve also been thinking of brushing up my writing and useless lore knowledge to maybe write a tiny CoG set in the universe. How’d that work? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be posted in the site for copyright reasons. Would it count as, dunno, fanfiction if I posted it independently?

First right off the bat: This is a question you need to ask a lawyer specialising in IP law. Immediate disclaimer: I’m not one.

You definitely can’t sell it, or Patreon it or anything that makes you money. That’s definite infringement.

Even if you are LEGALLY in the clear, I still wouldn’t risk it: Disney is super-lawsuit happy. Like, super-duper. And they might gleefully bury you in legal fees even if they don’t have a legal standing to actually have any chance of winning. We’re talking about a company that is basically printing money every minute and it STILL wouldn’t pay authors their contractual fees until after a lengthy lawsuit.

Bookending with the mandatory advice: this is a question you need to ask a lawyer specialising in IP law.


Fanfiction games are allowed to be hosted on dashingdon, but they cannot be published with HG, and you are not allowed to make any money from them.

At least, that was the answer last time such a question was asked here, if I recall correctly.


aaaalright, thank you all!

Can I get the link for the Star wars WIP you mentioned earlier? It would be greatly appreciated.

If it’s free fan fiction, I doubt disney would care that much. Just don’t make any money from it.
In saying that, they did threaten to sue a childcare center if they didn’t take down a mural that had disney characters in it, so yeah. They’re known to be edgy about their IP.