Stake Through A Bloody Heart (WIP) (UPDATED: Feb 18, 2024) - A reverse harem paranormal romance

Almost done!!!

Just a little bit more and chapter 3 is good to go! Can’t wait for the next update! :star_struck:

A bit teaser:

I scoff, crossing my arms. “You’re seriously asking me for a date right now?”

“Whatever you call it, sweetheart,” ${ash_they} winks. “I’m all for it.”


Just poppin’ in to say that Chapter 3 will be released TODAY! Stay tuned!


New Update!!!

Link: Stake Through A Bloody Heart by Iconia Genie

Finally the point where the story kicks in.

This chapter is mostly world building, with Ash being a constant flirt (I swear I hate lore dumping, so I try to make this part as enjoyable as possible). I’ve also added a little bit into chapter 2. Now you can see why MC has pretty much no friend :smiling_face_with_tear:

Let me know your thoughts on this update!


I was looking through’s analytics and damn :joy:

666 people coming from the forum :joy: Anyone wants to break the devil number?
Link: Stake Through A Bloody Heart by Iconia Genie


My friend sent me this and said it was MC-core.

I wholeheartedly agree lol


So I did something yesterday…

The new graphic is available on the game’s page today! I’m feeling so proud right now hehe. It’s definitely not as good as what the professionals can do, but I still love it :heart_eyes: A huge step up from the old version I made for sure, which I can only describe to you guys as a very tacky beer advertisement (don’t ask me how it came to that :joy:). There’s a reason it never see the light of day, after all :joy:


Gave my unhinged problematic bully RO a little test and got the feedback “seggsy”. Yesss :sparkles:


That looks really amazing!

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Thanks! :sparkling_heart:

Can’t wait to show you guys my enemies-to-lovers RO. That being said, I still have about three more chapters to code if I want that to happen. Haizzz…