Stake Through A Bloody Heart (WIP) (UPDATED: Feb 18, 2024) - A reverse harem paranormal romance

Hi! I’m Lacey. I like trash and romance so I write this paranormal romance and call it Stake Through A Bloody Heart.



My family doesn’t have a good history with the paranormals. When I was seven, my sister got kidnapped by a vampire. Years earlier, my aunt disappeared with a faerie. The sight of them with a supernatural was the last any one of us could witness. It’s as if they were erased from existence.

Mom and Dad try to equip me against these creatures. The idea that one of us will disappear again is too much to bear. But when a certain supernatural comes into my life, revealing a lot more about me that my family could ever know, I wonder if all those years of training could prepare me enough for this.

Romantic options

Charlie (gender-selectable)
Their parents passed away, so my family decided to take them under our wing. They’re sweet, they care about me, and I can always count on them with anything. I wonder if I have the same impact on them.

Ashton/Ashley (gender-selectable)
That irritating vampire who acts way too friendly with me for our own sake. They’re volatile, they’re suspicious, they’re always flirting with me for no reason! But why does my heart beat so fast when I see them?

About game

  • Vampire Diaries meets interactive fiction
  • A pre-defined female protagonist (name customizable)
  • At least 2 love interests and up, harem route available
  • Get involved into school drama, supernatural drama, just drama in general
Update log (Latest: 2.18.2024)

2.18.2024: Chapter 3
12.17.2023: Chapter 2, new stat page, meet Ashton/Ashley
12.4.2023: Chapter 1, customize MC’s name, meet Charlie


I’m always ready for a Vampire romance…:sob:
I’ve been waiting in the forum for something like vampire diaries.

It seems so good, ngl Im def playing another round. :laughing:
Goodluck with your IF!!!

And if you mind would you show the 404 error dashingdon is showing?


Hi, thank you so much!!! :heartpulse: The vampire RO will appear in the next chapter so I hope you can meet him soon :sparkling_heart: (or they, I’m still considering if I could make them gender selectable :thinking:)

I can’t post my screenshot cuz my forum account is new, but this line appeared on Dashingdon “Our apologies; there was a 404 error while loading game data. Please refresh your browser now; if that doesn’t work, please email with details.”


that error does get me mad but I think you just have to make another game.
I did screenshots maybe try this, it does happen but just delete it then make another slot/game.
(I highlighted the ones that are important.)

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Hello fellow trash connoisseur! Happy to expand the club, now would you like your t-shirt in tight, vacuum-packed, or danger-bait?

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Aww thank youuuu!! :sparkling_heart: I’ll try that as soon as I get home

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Greetings fellow connoisseur, why choose one when there are all three :3

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Ohhhh a reverse harem game on the forum? Can’t wait to try this one


@lacey707 character custom name doesn’t work, whatever I type not says Nancy [most annoying name imo] and doesn’t matter what gender you “choose” for Charlie, it’s always he,him and his…

This is honestly hard to get through…

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@Empress_Nightmare I just checked again and MC’s name and Charlie’s pronouns worked fine in my playthrough. Where did you find the wrong name and pronouns?

If anyone else has the same problem, pls let me know

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Good start but I noticed a name bug. If I choose my own custom name dad called me the original name of the mc.

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@Empress_Nightmare @Christopher_Bull I just updated the game. Hopefully the bugs you found are resolved

:eyes: Reverse harem you say…

The code for MC name is still with Nancy for me.


@Isi_Talks Hehe thanks, gotta make a girl fantasy true somehow
Do you remember which part the game said Nancy?

I couldn’t replicate it maybe I imagined it :thinking:. Could have sworn there was a Nancy but I just replayed and it was not there.

Yes please :pray: harem is underrated and often locked to male so I appreciate it.

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Hi! Same for me. The MC’s name changed to Nancy after the third choice when Charlie was pulling the MC towards them and they collided. But it reverted back to my custom name after that. Also, after training as well, Charlie was referenced as him once or twice I think.

Will the stats be implemented in the next update? As well as the character customization?

P.S. Regarding the Nancy - for me it was written “Get a grip on your self Nancy” scene or something.

@Mei_Hiroshi Hi, I just fixed the naming bug. As for Charlie’s pronoun, I couldn’t find the bug so I’ll just fix it when I have beta testers or something :sweat_smile: (screenshots would be useful tho)

Tbh I really hate the idea of stats. It always makes me feels like you would have to be some high-stat girlboss to deserve something in life. I prefer making a story about a girl failure and still has hot people falling heads over heels for her (Bridget Jones is my inspiration hehe). I also think that personality stats are just stereotypical.

For now my work process is just write a novel (yeah this was originally just a novel) → convert the novel to choicescript. If I come up with some cool mechanic I will go back and change it, but for now it’s just purely getting inside MC’s head and the occassional choices (and choose love interests/take them all, it’s the main reason I make this an IF).

As for customization, I don’t think things like eye or hair color is really important to the gameplay (and things like height are pretty set). I prefer leaving it to the reader’s imagination, but I will present the choice if the story needs it. I can’t say anything for sure. For this game I’m pretty much a pantser.


Encountered the same pronoun bug with Charlie. It’s the scene where Charlie helps you up and you bump into them. The pronouns are correct in the dialogue but wrong in the choice options.

Just fixed that, thanks!

Sounds interesting

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