Stake Through A Bloody Heart (WIP) (UPDATED: Feb 18, 2024) - A reverse harem paranormal romance

I fuck with vampire diaries but this is gender locked female right? So imma just mosey my way outta here

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Thanks! :sparkling_heart:



Hey I like your Game and can,t wait an till the next ubdate.

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So why post? :sweat_smile:


To let the author know they don’t like the story being gender-locked, which they can say it, even if some may find the take being irrelevant.

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Thank you so much! I’m working on the next chapter so hope to release it soon! :sparkling_heart:

I know, right? As if there weren’t a genderlock female tag and “reverse harem” on the tittle already, not to mention a scroll button


Progress Update!

Chapter 2 is finally done! Just a bit tweaking and it’ll be good to go! I’ve added a new stat page and you’ll be able to meet the second love interest, the vampire. Can’t wait to release this! :laughing:


New Update!!!

I just posted chapter 2! Let me know your thoughts about it!

Link: Stake Through A Bloody Heart by Iconia Genie

In this update, I have added:

  • A new stat page in form of a diary (yes, this is very on the nose of Vampire Diaries)
  • Introduction of the second RO, the vampire
  • A bit of flirtation :two_hearts:

Hope you enjoy!


Was about to read but then i found out i had to read landscape and almost vomited, looks cool though. :sweat_smile::+1:

What do you mean read landscape?

EDIT: i was way off lol, sorry @Peepee_Poopoo

…or because when playing on mobile you have to turn your phone sideways to read it because it launches the game in landscape mode and there’s no option to rotate it to portrait. It’s not optimized for mobile play


Yes that one.

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Just fixed it. Let me know if it still shows landscape.


Mini update!

Hey guys! Just made a little adjustment.

I’ve put a relationship bar in the stat page. You can now keep track of the characters’ profile, what the MC thinks of them, and what they think of MC (sort of) in return.

I’ve also added a little bit of description of Ashton/Ashley’s appearance, otherwise my friend says they look like this lol


It does! Thanks. :+1:

Progress Report! (so that this thread doesn’t close lol)

These days I’m having burn-out so it takes me way longer to update new content. Chapter 3 is on the way, about 45% done. I’m also adding a little something to chapter 2.


I got a little bored waiting for this next chapter to be done, so here’s a little teaser.

“You know, I could just bring you there,” $!{ashton} says. I guess ${ash_they} isn’t familiar with walking for a long time, what with vampire’s super speed and all.

“And how would you do that?” I ask.

“I can carry you,” ${ash_they} wiggles his brows. “I’ll even do it princess style, just for you.”