The Feedback Exchange Thread -- February 2024's Edition

  • User Name: @lacey707
  • Author Post
  • Game: Stake Through A Bloody Heart
  • Genre: Urban fantasy, romance, reverse harem, supernatural, female locked, pre set MC
  • Feedback that I am seeking:
    I’m most concerned with feedbacks about characters (including MC) and chemistry between MC and the love interests. Other feedbacks like the writing (eg: pacing, dialogue, etc) and the game mechanic (my “stat page”) are also welcome.
    I’m not interested in grammar and spelling mistakes, pronoun bugs (I intentionally add those in to deal with my perfectionism so I’m not fixing that).
  • DMing is okay, or you can comment on my thread: Stake Through A Bloody Heart (WIP) (UPDATED: Feb 18, 2024) - A reverse harem paranormal romance