March 2024's Feedback Exchange Thread

Welcome to the “Feedback Exchange” thread for March 2024.

Here, authors seeking feedback, can set up posts that provide the particulars of their needs and readers seeking to provide feedback can set up posts that provide their interests and availability.

Like how the English Tea Exchange worked to connect buyers and sellers, the Feedback Exchange’s purpose is to connect authors with testers/readers.

The format I’d like people to use for Author posts is the following (It is suggested to keep the header of each line item to avoid confusion) :

  • User Name (redundant but necessary)
  • Author Post
  • Name of Project/Game.
  • Genre and relevant tags that apply.
  • Time commitment (if running an alpha/beta run).
  • Feedback that you are seeking.
  • Link to the WiP thread, or other means of direct contact. Be sure to indicate if DMing is allowed.

The format I’d like people to use for Reader posts is the following (It is suggested to keep the header of each line item to avoid confusion):

  • User name (redundant but necessary)
  • Reader Post
  • Genres and tags that interest you as a reader. Things that would excite your interest in a WiP.
  • Hard passes. Things that would turn you off from a game (i.e., gender-locking)
  • Time commitment – Are you willing to participate in beta or alpha runs? Can the author follow up with you on feedback given, etc.
  • Specific qualifications that would help authors (such as being a screen reader)
  • Any contact info the author can use to connect to you. Be sure to indicate whether DMing is allowed or not.

This thread will be monthly, so that when authors and readers are available in the moment, they can connect at that time.

There is no obligation, apart from that, which the author and the reader agree on together.

I am open to suggestions to format and presentation for next month’s thread, so please let me know if you think of something.

  • User Name: @ChanceOfFire just use Vance
  • Reader Post
  • Genres and tags: No preference
  • Hard Passes: None
  • Time Commitment: I am happy to provide one round of review and comment for a WIP, perhaps if you’re starting out, but anything after that will depend on my schedule and other commitments, as well as other factors.
  • Specific Qualifications: I’m a native english speaker, so I can help to fix sentence structure and writing if you’re not fluent in English. Discuss this with me if you’d like.
  • Contact Info: DM is fine. I like it when people wanna talk. I might be busy, so please forgive me if I log in and read your message without responding immediately.

Same as last month.


Not much has changed given the short time-span between last month’s thread. Although there is that every foreboding risk of my laptop dying on me and halting everything. Not that it’ll effect feedback ability… I’m more of a phone reader.

  • Name: Dryinspection. Also go by just Dry and Sam.

  • Reader Post.

  • Preferred Genres and tags: Anything recent history, basically 1800s and forwards. Superhero stuff. Action stories. And most of the stuff that are modern day or recent history. Bonus points for Fantasy themes that have people who are isekaied into it. Be it MC. Or NPC like the bread must rise. It doesnt necessarily have to be those, but those are the ones I enjoy the most and replay alot.

  • Hard pass genres: Horror. I don’t like horror games or movies. They bore me.

  • Time commitement: I have a good deal of free time and I can be reached at pretty much any time that I am awake. I currently do not work and thus have a good deal of free time when I am not at University.

  • Specific qualifications: I still don’t particularly know what to put here. But I guess the most relevant “experience” I have is a good 7-8 years worth of Text RP experience and reading a vast majority of the COGs and HGs that are released. Particularly the longer ones.

  • Contact Information: DMs here are good. Although if for some reason you wish to contact me in a different manner to Forum DMs. My Discord is the same as my username.

Most of all as always. Enjoy your writings and readings!



Thank you! :hugs:

  • User name: Cecilia_Rosewood
  • Reader Post
  • Genres and tags: Preferably Sci-Fi or fantasy, but super hero things work too.
  • Hard passes: Sex scenes (either implied or graphic) that you can not opt out of. (Example: I beta read Congresswolf. There was an option to flirt with a character, and next thing you know my character was in bed with them without getting any option in the meantime to indicate if you want to go that far. (Or in that case, no options between the flirting and the implied sex at all.) High School (or College) settings. I tried Betaing for Community College Hero once. Only made it through one playthrough. It’s really not my thing.
  • Time commitment: I prefer beta testing because of my style of reviewing (a focus on low level (spelling, grammar, word use) and continuity issues). Putting together that level of feedback for a game in its beta stages will be a slow process, so count on a month or two for a single playthrough.

I do not have a lot of spare time at the moment, but wanted to put this out there anyway for authors looking for that kind of thing.

  • Specific qualifications: I’ve done proofreading for a couple of Choice of Games, Fallen Hero (only a little, mostly because of how huge the game is), and Unnatural (I have a cameo in the game. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?) I’m demisexual and my partner is asexual, so if you want feedback on if your MC might be lusting after a character’s boobs too much despite the player being completely uninterested (looking at you, Samurai of Hyuga) I might be a good pick.
  • Contact: @-ing or DM is fine.

Maybe also fun to know the ‘result’ of last month’s thread. I was approached by one person with a question about how a romance scene came across to a demi/ace reader. No requests for beta reading yet.

I’ll be away on holiday for the first half of March, but after that my schedule should be (relatively) clear.

  • User Name: expectedoperator
  • Reader Post
  • Genres and Tags: Fantasy
  • Hard Passes: Gender-locked male MCs; games that aren’t playable on dashingdon/moodyink
  • Time commitment: For March, I can participate in beta or alpha runs – authors can follow up on feedback given, and I’ll usually respond in less than a week.
  • Specific qualifications: I have no idea how to answer this, and therefore I won’t. :triumph:
  • Contact: DMs allowed, but I’d prefer authors to @ me in their WIP threads first (especially if it’s in the alpha stage)
  • Sylents

  • My first IF

  • Era of the Archdemons

  • Dark fantasy primarily

  • Anytime you need

  • For now, just the story & the way it’s going so far. And your impressions of each character, especially ariel. All your companions/ROs haven’t been introduced yet nor have they had their own arc. So far it’s Isa, Jin & soon to be Ariel in chapter 2. Chapter 3 will introduce the last companion and then Chapter 4 will feel like an open world.

  • No preference on contact

  • User Name AranaLim
  • Author Post
  • Name of Project: The Last Riftwarden
  • Genre: High fantasy
  • Time commitment: No requirement- as long as there is a review, I am good.
  • Feedback that I am seeking: generic bugs, typos, the flow of scenes and grammar . Especially the last one, because I am not a native speaker.
  • Link:

DM is allowed