(SPOILER ALERT) Highlands,Deep Waters questions

first of all, this is my one of the best dark themed story…play around 10 times…
I have some questions:

  1. who is Mellissa?
  2. how to successfully stalk in Gyllenhall Mason before final ritual? everytime MC goes there she dies. and what happens there?
  3. My highest score of deduction is 18 . I want to know what is the total score?
  4. What happened when I shoot the cultists instead of shoot the child or help the others? (not so important)
    Thank You…
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Glad to know you liked it!

1 - You can know about Melissa by talking to the smoking kid with the leather jacket in the Blair Leamnach College. She is the girl some people are talking about as being the victim of sexual abuse. She is mentioned is later mentioned at the Sweet Revenge, during your meeting with Ewan(she is one of his victims) and a few more locations, I believe. There is also a certain scenario where you can find her body by the Seannloch while waiting for the day of the Ritual, but it depends on many things.

We recently fixed a bug where she was being mentioned in Ewan’s notebook files without being introduced first, but I don’t know if the game t has been updated yet.

2 - There is no way to enter Gyllenhall Mansion for your second time there, as they found out about you being there before and are put the entire place under surveillance.

3 - 19 is the highest deduction score you can get.

4 - That depends. There are many, many branches in that segment of the game. Some scenarios make it so that the offerings all die, for example. Another(perhaps the same, I don’t recall right now) makes it so that you can kill both the cultist leader and the child when they try to flee. Someone posted a guide on the game thread recently, perhaps it is worth to check it out.

  1. but she is cassandra… The name of Mellissa was found by the first detective in Sealoch…
    Elizabeth and cassandra are 2 girls who are abused by Ewan…
  2. If mc doesnot kill any guards in first entry in Gyllenhal mansion… then there is a choice of entering Gyllenhal mansion 2nd time.
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Oh, sorry, I got the girls mixed up. Melissa is just a fabrication created by the Dohmainn to lure the first investigator into a trap. About the second time in G.M., it’s just there to make you lose action points, lol. It’s kinda of a dead end. (What I meant on the other post is that you can’t go inside the house itself, just die around its proximities)


Wow. If 19 is the higher then i got the higher in my “first playthrough” (I player the demo so wasn’t really my first, but It was ages ago, and i had forgot most of the plot).
I guess this really is my type of game.


thanks mate :grinning::grinning::smile:

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So Mathew Wallace was actually gay! I should have guessed it.
They seemed closer than best friends :joy::joy: