Space horror or mk ultra interest check

So I was having multiple ideas while procrastinating and eventually decided to write eighter two stories and here they are

Space horror: You awaken on a ship with no memory of how you got there. Visions come and haunt you, maniacs travel down the corridors and something vile lies at the heart of it all. Heavily inspired by dead space, hp lovecraft, and Stephen king you will have to survive, uncover your past, and see if you can do anything to make it back home.

Mk ultra project story: You live a normal life until one day you start to notice things. The mailman sure seems to walk this street a lot, the pool cleaner has been at the neighbors house for almost 5 hours, your friend seems a little out of it today. It’s like someone is watching you. You get flashes of photos of people, blood, weapons even though you’ve never seen them outside of movies. A story of a old project gone wrong, a fleeting chase at the unknown, and a whole lot of conspiracies. Based off the real life mk ultra project you play an average person who turns out is one of the few projects gone right.

So just say what story sounds more appealing and I will tally them all up and get started on the game!


The space horror cause their are not a lot of horror choice games besides those fan made text adventure games on


They both seem very interesting! But the mk ultra catches my attention a bit more. :slightly_smiling_face:


There are some horror choice scripts but I haven’t seen a choice script based off of the MK ultra project, but it all depends on how you pull it off since it’s such a unique concept horror maybe easy but a unique project based on real life facts is much harder.

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Well it would be loosely based around the project because of how horribly it failed (even partially resulting in creating the hippie movement) and how many documents were burned I would have to use artistic license and
would say that the star gate project which failed even worse worked together and created a couple of psychic operatives/ sleeper agents.

Ps how the heck do I blurr out stuff

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Tried doing it 7 times, this is why I don’t work with code, I can’t even use a simple text editor. Yeah I have watched it but not the directors cut. I seen clips of it and man it’s like all the saw movies had a baby together. The movie doesn’t focus on the charecters trying to figure out what is happening more than just torture effects so I’ve tried to keep away from it as inspiration since a large part of the game is the mystery.

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Have you seen the directors cut?! It’s freaking disturbing and I’ve watched berserk!

And not to criticize but I’m just remembering all those random floating in space fake out dreams

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I would have to say that the MK Ultra story seems a bit more interesting to me. But you probably could write one and save the other one for later.


I would like MK Ultra


So the MK Ultra one would basically be a Manchurian Canidate type deal? I like.

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Honestly… Both seem really wicked but if I absolutely HAD to choose just one… It’d be the Space horror one. I’m a sucker for space and horror.
Tbh, I’d be happy with whichever you make out of the two though. They both seem like really interesting concepts.


Oops, I just saw the last reply was like in September… My bad.

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