Sordwin by Thom Baylay



Does hosted Games allow British English officially now then? I thought @Cataphrak was an exception there? :thinking:

Anyway gonna dive in and see what our super-cute half-elf has been up to! :grin:

Okay, first error, selecting spellcasting as a good skill with the premade elf, romancing Dandy sadly does not raise the spellcasting stat from the base 50% at all.


Can i beta test the game please?


It’s open beta testing


Hosted Games in general is a lot more permissive when it comes to using the correct different regional dialects, mostly because it tends to be a copyediting issue, and HGs usually don’t get a professional copyeditor.


My English has become a hopelessly confused hodge-podge bastard of the two anyway to the point where I think my old English teacher would smack me with the ruler, had that quintessence of British school punishments still allowed. I learned British English and I did get a 9 out of 10 on my final highschool exams…but that was ages ago. So I’m hardly in any position to criticize other people over their correct usage of “regional dialects” at the best of times.


Missing text while asking Orion what he thinks


Who’re the romance options?


[spoiler]Ran into missing golden arrowhead when I clearly had it.[spoiler]

Spoiler for finale below you’ve been warned.




I still want to be the Worlds’ greatest…
should be
I still want to be the World’s greatest…

Unless…is this a setting with multiple worlds?

You return your attention to Moira who is enjoying her own drink, unphased by your momentary silence.
should be
You return your attention to Moira who is enjoying her own drink, unfazed by your momentary silence.

It’s eyes are bulbous and black
should be
Its eyes are bulbous and black

It’s hilt bears an intricate design
should be
Its hilt bears an intricate design


I think I’m starting to see a pattern in the creature’s movements. I might be able to weave my way up unseen.
should be
I think I’m starting to see a pattern in the creatures’ movements. I might be able to weave my way up unseen.

"That seems like a cowards way out to me.
should be
"That seems like a coward’s way out to me.


Wow! I’ve never tried open beta testing before but I’ll try my best to spot any mistakes in my playthrough :v:
In other hand I made a Sordwin aesthetic board on pinterest haha feel free to check it out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@ThomB: I played through the beta, and it was beautiful. Fascinating stories etc., and the typos are minor. A question, though: my player broke up with Daisy/Dandy at the end. :frowning: Would it be possible in a future game to rekindle a relationship with him/her?


Blur the spoilers man


It’s been 84 years… I’m late to the party because I used the first 5 playthroughs to get all of that juicy Dandy angst. So good.

After 90% of screenshots didn’t show up on the last post I made on Diaspora’s thread, I no longer trust the image button, so I copy pasted the bits I found.

CH 1

And then, of course, there’s Gunther, who was most keen to join you on this new adventure.

  • “I decided we should probably call an end to the relationship. It wasn’t really working.”

Maybe it’s just me, but that option sounds oddly romantic when talking about the half-orc.

First mention of Oriana:

Luca Imperion’s taciturn, elven bodyguard who currently stands at the ship’s bow, silently bracing herself against the wind.

And then:

Oriana, Luca Imperion’s elven bodyguard,

Redundant info given on the next page.

CH 2

Daisy’s smile grows huge and placing her hands on your hips she says, “Well that is definitely something I want to hear about but before that, I don’t suppose our bodyguard is here yet, is he?”

Should be she, since the elf was Oriana, not Orion.

CH 3

This option when talking to Mayor Grow for the first time:

“What can you tell me about Sebastian?”

I hadn’t met him, so MC shouldn’t know him yet.

Oriana takes the opportunity to step so that his back is to the Mayor.

Wrong pronoun, should be her.

“We tried looking up ‘terrifying ghosts that steal faces’ in there but the page is missing.”

You pick up the book to find that the halfling was telling the truth. The page has been torn out. Someone took it.

I don’t need to pick up the book, I already knew this info. Didn’t buy it, just looked up what I needed back in the bookshop.

CH 4

“Unless ye think yer shaved-head friend did it.”

Is Oriana’s hair shaved, tho?

“It’s one of the sailors. Winter says he’s been acting strangely and I’d like to question her myself.”

Sailor changes gender mid-sentence.

CH 5

Grabbing his you kiss her. It’s a terrifying situation…

I peeked at the code, it says ${ally_his} instead of ${orion_his}. I have no idea why it doesn’t show the *if you wrote for the brownies, tho. Weird. Grabbing his what??

A sudden breath escapes his mouth and you…

${ally_his} instead of ${orion_his}.

trying not to notice how god his taught muscles feel beneath your fingers.


CH 6

she pauses and then gives you a raised eyebrow.

Wrong gender, also not capitalized. The code reads ${ally_he} instead of $!{orion_he}.

You reach out and pull the trembling Sebastian to his feet and he stammers his gratitude. You feel the familiar swell of calm desire that accompanied your previous interaction with him and shake your head to clear it.

First time we talked. I followed him to the bookshop but never spoke to him.

CH 7

Eventually her breathing slows and, Her eyes closed, her head leaning back, she whispers…

Capitalized her after a comma.

You can see something in his sharp blue eyes, a shimmer as if the ice were in danger of melting melting.

2 melting, twice on code text too.

CH 8

“Gold,” Oriana replies. “They’re vulnerable to gold.”

You don’t have such a weapon and Dandy is quick to point out that neither does he.

But I do, I have the arrow head and the knife.

(Oh yeah, if a playthrough with both Dandy and Oriana doesn’t make sense it’s because I made a custom MC, hope you don’t mind, it was for science)

“There’s something engraved on the base of this tea set,” Gunther observes, picking up the teapot with great care. “To P & J, with love C & S. Carlotta and Sebastian, do you think?”

It seems likely. You’ve met no-one else so far who would have those initials. The two families were certainly friends.

I spoke to Jewel before chapter 8, so I already knew this.

If you chose adding Winter to your romance with Daisy, the cap betrays you and Daisy dumps you, right? Well, since “none” is your ally, the text reads none instead of Daisy.

Tallien’s healing has done you wonders, though the young elf looks about ready to pass out. none is lying a few feet away, unconscious but stable and breathing. This is probably the safest place for her right now.

  • The way the elf acts towards the different MCs is great. Both my rogue and the shaman were atracted to them, but O was a lot nicer to the shaman (the one that was caring and sort of naive).

  • Winter is awesome, I couldn’t trust them at all, but they’re such a fun character.

  • I’m not kidding about Dandy, I had to replay his romance like 5 times to get all the parts I needed for my canon playthrough, with his “I want to try new things/but you have to try them with me!/I never said open relationship/I don’t do love/love me!” I felt like I was dating myself Let me tell you, I. Love. Romancing. Him. Every single piece of frustrating drama that half elf threw at me was the best. Chapter 7 breaks me.

  • So many character interactions :fearful: You are either insane or not human.

  • Are you planing to write a third part? Because of how this one ends, I mean.

I think that’s everything. If I find anything new, I’ll edit the post and I’ll tag you, Thom.

EDIT: @ThomB
CH 3:

At least for a moment, you forgot that you’re hands are still shaking.


CH 5:

Dispel the magic affecting him. (Mana:20)

Should be her.

You’re attack broke {orion_him} from the spell and {orion_he} looks too relieved to complain about your methods, instead saying,

Your. Repeats a couple of times on code text.

CH 7:

“Wait till you hear the epic tale of my daring. That might change you mind.”


The captain awaits the experience with a mischievous glint in those black eyes that so closely match your own.



I’m kind of dumb but does anyone know the answer to what the theory is? This happens after you get attacked by the monster and you meet more of the characters.


Need to be more specific on what theory you’re talking about.


I think it was that nobody was alone when they were attacked. There was always someone to witness it.


Orion supposed to be a male but somehow there are moments where he pronounced as ‘she’ or ‘her’

Oh by the way, love your game!


I think it’s actually The victim are admired or some sort. I answered this when talking with the town hall clerk(?) at the later chapters and it saved Mayor Grow when the darkness come afterward but maybe there are multiple correct answers? Correct me if I’m wrong

Under here because the Spoiler thingy suddenly doesn't work anymore

I picked the " The victims were never alone." option. And Orion was like: “That seems right.” And I didn’t get any info on it being wrong later on as far as I can remember…(which is not far) I also cannot remember if that saved mayor Grow. In my playthrough everyone got there face back and only the daughter died.

Eh, maybe there are multiple correct answers.:thinking: