Sordwin by Thom Baylay



Goodness, I’d forgotten with all my modern sensibilities that elves could be as smol as humans once were.

On the topic of Orion, perhaps randomize rather than
*label bi
*if gender = “male”
*goto oriana
*else *goto orion

as in other games I’ve noticed readers were hurt by authors selecting for them whereupon it enhances the assumption that they/their character would prefer one gender over the other.

Speaking to my own preference for beautiful men…
Alas, my fair lady mage is no longer as rosy about being pricked by Dandy’s thorn. Opulently open relationship? I feel dreamy. Let us commence the pleasure pile. His reactions to denying him if our stat is contrary? I feel genuinely uncomfortable as he becomes quite bratty. Fun and games should only be enhanced by trust and he’s lost some of mine. A reminder how he was all too comfortable nixing the idea of letting my Zorya share his playtime with the sweet, downy Lambuel at the inn, but mere days pass and already he is emitting those same denied vibes of restlessness after winning the pleasure of starring in the sequel our woo? Libertine lad, indeed. :sweat_drops:

Now, as one not prone to jealousy, I could understand the aversion to even a semblance of domesticity the MC may represent, (or the testing of his limits), but to think my elf would actually desire a thick-necked, unwashed sailor?

Tut, the very notion. :nail_care:

Does Dandy not yet know the silken standards of his far better half? {gestures vaguely to the shape-shifting prettyboy she docks at port} Mayhap a chance to question the now Damned Dand on his currently questionable level of taste, (MC’s present company excluded, of course), for I am two dramatic heel clinks away from making the pale, stoic hard-arse our new tango partner. And D’s half-elven company will then be presently excluded.[/bluff]

Faux-noble umbrage aside, I am exquisitely jubilant for @ThomB and Sordwin, and shall always and forever loyally journey alongside and within each of your fantastic creations.


I second @Quaintrelle’s motion with a vengeance to randomize the elf’s gender.

I’m alright with the unwashed sailor, tho. They need roguish love too.


Whereas I’ve already spent my allotted amount of such love on Jason Momoa…


Off-topic) Your way of writing is so elegant, please tell me you are a writer and if you are please pm a link to your work.

Eh, can’t wait to solve this case! The detective in me is ready!


Hey @ThomB i love the demo but I was picking up some not so lamual vibes from lamual and wanted to point it out. In the FreeTime he was very… "Ugh. Ok. I don’t c are " not lamua l



Hey @ThomB. I found some mistakes in the demo.

Fortunately with Gunther’s help

I’m not with Gunther, i was with lamual and we weren’t even in the same plscr.

And there’s another one but it might take me a while to find it again.


The message in oriana’s room doesn’t follow the deciding book. What is it saying???

" I asked around and can confirm that ‘Thorne’ is of no consequence.
A mage of ‘negligible’ skill. Nothing more."

Couldn’t understand a thing.


I have a question…
Where is Daisy??? She was going to the tavern but when I went there, she was not there.The clue said something about ‘suspiciously she was missing from the tavern’. She proposed open relationship. So MC thinks she might be cheating. Is it true??? Then I will have to avoid romancing her in the first place.


Please remember to use the spoiler blur when taking about specific moments in the plot.

Thanks, :blush:


Just a little update, I only have half a chapter left of editing and then I’ll be prepping the game for Beta testing which will definitely be this month, even if it means I have to take a week off work!

I’ll post more about the Beta soon and what I’ll be looking for, but thank you everyone for your continued support of the Saga :smiley:

T x


stands up from chair. Walks over to podium, looks at crowd “ladies and gentlemen. We got 'em”


Aahh I can’t wait :laughing:


‘‘Tis the day of updates. They keep coming left and right.


how it going ThomB


It’s going great for me thanks :blush: I’m at Frankfurt Book Fair this week so not doing much in the way of editing but hoping to get the Beta ready next week!

Anyone who happens to be in Frankfurt, do come say hi at stand 6.1.B107 at the fair :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t know if it has been answered, but has the character saving function been added to the original game?
If not, will that happen before Sordwin is released?

I really want to play the game in different ways to prepare, but it’s a lot more fun, if I can save them. :blush:


I would like to apply for next weeks beta


That’s a tough question because I can’t control it :confounded: but it should be uploaded soon. I’ve made the request to CoG so it should be added well before I submit Sordwin I hope. The sequel is weeks away from being ready for submission :smiley:


A week off work? :slight_smile: What do you do for work?


As promised! This is all now included at the top of the thread but wanted to put it down here too as the official opening of the Beta :smiley:
The plan is to submit the full version to HG in mid November so the Beta will close some time before then.

BETA TESTING RULES: ( Please read! )
The goal of this Beta is to make the game as playable and accurate as possible before release.

What I am looking for:

  • Screenshots or details of typos and grammar errors.
  • Screenshots or details of any glitches that break gameplay or immersion (missing text, error messages etc)
  • Details of any continuity errors that break the narrative (e.g. characters coming back to life or clues being randomly updated)
  • Difficulty rating. More abstract but it helps to know if people feel the game is too hard or too easy.
  • Moments when you felt a choice you would have liked to make was not available.
  • Times when you made a choice and felt like it’s consequences were unfair. (It helps to have as many details as possible with this one, especially screen grabs of the stats screen)

What I am not looking for:

  • Suggestions for genre, plot, pacing or character development. The story is what it is! I hope you will all like it. If not, I’m very sorry. I hope you will enjoy the next thing I write :slight_smile:
  • Vague comments such as ‘I saw some typos in Chapter 5’, or ‘I didn’t like this character’. I can’t do anything without details.
  • Corrections from British English to American English. I am British :stuck_out_tongue:

Please leave all feedback either on this forum, as a private message to me, or in an email to evertreeinn [at] gmail [dot] com

Note: Because it is not yet possible to import Evertree characters, this beta includes 5 premade characters for the purpose of testing. Don’t worry, when the official game is released, you’ll be able to play with your own character from Evertree :wink:

The link to the full Beta is at the top of this thread.
Thank you everyone in advance for your help!

T x