Sordwin by Thom Baylay



Thank you for this masterpiece Thom.


Trying to go to observatory with a golden weapon but option is blurred out. (To get the other options do we need high stats in like stealth and observation?)


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Wow. I read it all the way through and overall, it’s pretty good. I like the fleshed out characters and the general environment of the island. And the mystery and sort of detective feel is a definite plus. If I did have a complaint, it’s that the romances seem brief and somewhat lacking. There seemed to be more one on one interaction back in Evertree. It felt like a bit of that was missing in this one. But still, 8/10 stars. Good job! Would be interested in getting the game once it comes out!


All smooth so far, my only nitpick is referring to a certain deity as “He-She” it’s a tad odd to constantly refer to someone as “he-she” it feels impersonal and a little rude. They/them is a simple way to refer to them as it encompasses both aspects of the character without the bulky hyphen sandwiched between two words.


Oddly enough, when you come back from visiting the last two places, before the hooded ones attack, I can never seem to be able to get to the observatory all the options are greyed out. Even when I choose to pick up a random golden weapon, opting out of using the golden knife or rapier. The game seems not to register that I have them. Also off the final fight between the gate keeper I seem to have the same problem, where the expensive knife from the boat is not registered as an option to use(if I decide to refrain from using the knife).

Also some of the background stats could use some rebalancing, for example those who pick the forest life and their dream being to become a imperial scout, your intuition & observation is increased, yet not your stealth? A main part about being a scout is not being seen or caught by your foes. I think that the main boost should be stealth and observation instead.

Another nitpick I have is with the fighting system, opponents are (in my game plays) missed entirety if you prowness is not above or almost at 50%, it’s frustrating to be at 35% or 40% and miss a enemy entirely.


@FauxCoeur the spoiler thingy doesn’t work if you have more than a paragraph inside it. You need to open it and close it for every new paragraph.

To anyone asking why there’s nothing you can do when choosing to go to the observatory on chapter 8: (and I’m going to super spoiler it for you, so keep that in mind when clicking this), It has to do with your stats, they need to be over 80. So if, for example, you want to go in guns blazing, you need at least an 80 in either prowess or athletics to even try it. I’ve never managed to get such numbers.

My question now is the numbers the test MCs start with are quite low, I’m guessing once we get to load our Evertree character we will be able to get an 80 on a couple of skills? Because even between a test MC and one that has never been in Evertree there’s a big difference when looking at their stats. Maybe it’s nothing, but I thought it would be good to point that out before the game is released. Hope I’m being clear too :sweat_smile:


80 stat?! Oh my God that’s steep no wonder I’ve never managed to do that. I’ve only tried playing with new characters so far :sweat_smile:

On the other hand, I’ve had difficulty entering the observatory after the hooded lanterns attacked moira and the mayor’s wife. I played character with criminal background so I figured he could use the knowledge in dealing with locked doors, the game text shows I already opened the door but acts like I haven’t opened it.


My canon MC is a “rogue” too, so I mostly pick the locks whenever I have the oportunity, but the only option that have always worked for me on that part is “this door used to be open by academics…” Every single time :woman_shrugging:


Thank you to everyone so far who has given me feedback! I appreciate all feedback though if you want to know how you can best help, please read the instructions at the top of the page :slight_smile:

To answer some questions/make some things clear:
@idonotlikeusernames - Both Evertree Inn and The Grim and I are in British English, so I guess they are allowed :stuck_out_tongue: Have added the fix for the stats! Can’t believe I hadn’t noticed that!

@57Faults @pimenita All of your comments and corrections were so helpful! Thank you!

@FauxCoeur The stats that are buffed by choosing scout are supposed to be Observation and Stealth! If you can show me screenshots of this not being the case, I will try to fix it. In combat, enemy strength is determined randomly each round. Higher prowess means you’re more likely to hit but there is always an element of luck.

If I haven’t mentioned you personally but you left me a screenshot or a comment, thank you. The forum doesn’t allow me to list lots of names in a row :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Regarding theories and solving the mystery, the game rewards a correct guess but also an incorrect guess if it matches the evidence you have gathered.

For the observatory in Chapter 8, at the moment it needs an 80 in a stat. I might lower this to 75 but the stats for Evertree imported characters will be higher than the test ones (which also have a glitch in the beta which lowered them even more!) That said, this option is supposed to be very difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

Questions about the knife. It doesn’t technically count as a weapon and is more a one use item like the golden arrow. I’ll try to make that clearer in the text.

To anyone asking about future games…I have a plan for a sequel and a vague outline of the plot but specific details will take longer to figure out :slight_smile:


I tried playing as Dalyn and I want to gush about Dandy for a bit

Me gushing

At the part where Hayden revealed himself and proposing to get away from the island with the package I think Dandy was being a jerk by insisting we leave Sordwin behind. I thought it was gonna be one of the case where we have to split with our RO just because of difference im opinion, but?? then he said this

Like damm, I love how well written the ROs in this series. They feel three dimensional and have their own motivation. The romance doesn’t feel like forced in between the main plot but organically intertwined with the whole story. I hope I’m not being too cheesy with this uff I love this series even more. :heartbeat::revolving_hearts:

But then I got an error message a few screen later, after Orion joined us, with something along the line of ‘split-ally error’ or something (I didn’t get the screencap oops) and now I’m stuck in this page forever. The button is unresponsive and I had to refresh the page to start over :cry:


Super cute half-elf companion included again, I hope. :heart_eyes:

Will try a beta playthrough again next weekend, if you keep it open that long as that stat glitch kinda stopped the first one cold in its tracks.


I wanted to ask, do you have a closing date for the beta? I’m going to play again and record all of the errors I find but I want to be aware of a deadline so I make sure to finish the game before it goes offline here


@selpuku If you could get that glitch again and send me a screencap of the error message that would be really helpful. The split_ally variable is likely to be super buggy as I had to add it over the weekend so very interested in any error there. I couldn’t see anything based on the screenshot you sent me but would be very grateful if you can find it.
Also, thank you :smiley: I’m really glad you feel that way about the romance. Breaking away from more traditional RO tropes and making the characters more 3D was one of my goals for this book.

@Inessy @idonotlikeusernames There’s no fixed deadline yet but it will remain open until Monday 12th November at least :slight_smile:


When I tried replaying with similar choices to get the glitch, it went smoothly on that part. :sweat_smile: I’ll keep an eye for similar error though.

Meanwhile in earlier part I got this one instead

This is when I tell Sebastian Jewel’s location in the earlier chapter then come back to the bookshop later (when you choose 2 locations to visit). The popup appears when choosing the first option something along the line ‘sebastian I need your help’. When I tried the second time it’s still there but with different popup error. Both time I was playing as Dalyn.


So I just discovered there’s a cypher in your story so now I am obsessing over it. The downfall being I have no clue how to identify a cypher, so if you’re willing could you please tell what it is. I don’t even need the key word or anything I can figure that out, just what cypher it is… Please :pray:


Nvm, I’m a idiot who can’t see a simple word scramble. I’ve since figured it out, I think, so don’t worry about it.


Hey so I was thinking about how a scene could be improved… You probably don’t need this kind of feedback but I’ll still give it away since it sounded like a nice idea in my head XDD

So for the sex scene with Hayden, since they are a changeling and you can ask them to become anything, what if the MC already liked Orion/Ruby, and they ask Hayden to turn into one of them? Ofc the MC doesn’t know Hayden knows them, so the MC could just describe Orion/Ruby, and when Hayden realizes who the MC is talking about they get disgusted and just leave XDDD

I have absolutely no complaints about the beta, or about the game, its difficulty is just right, pacing just right, it’s perfect, it’s a brilliant masterpiece in my eyes <3 The romance with Orion made the game so much better in my opinion, it had me so flustered all the time, awaiting for the next interaction excitedly. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way about a cog romance <3 I really love everything you’ve done here, even as a standalone game it would be so amazing, I didn’t feel like I had to play the previous one (even though I already have and know about it). I know it’s waaay too soon to say this, but I’ll be anxiously awaiting for the next part to continue my romance with Orion <3 congratulations on such a nice game <3


Are there going to be more books in this series?


oooh nice!
also I think Hayden can sense our mind(?)or maybe more accurately, mimicking a person in our mind? I remember they could change into Dandy/Leah despite not meeting them yet so I guess it could work if they sense that we think about Orion/Ruby and leave abruptly.


Yeah! and it would make us lose points with Hayden of course