Sordwin by Thom Baylay



Regarding Daisy romance,motives,and character development.


I’ve a bunch of playthroughs, being loyal, wanting to be loyal then cheating and lying about it, being okay with having an open relationship and then changing my mind into wanting a serious relationship. The most insight I got from Daisy is when I told her I wanted to be loyal and then ended up cheating anyway and lying about it. IDK if all my playthroughs are blurring together but I think that route was where she had some different dialogue.


I know D isafraid to fall in love with the MC and afraid to lose them. I just didn’t know that they literally created a situation or (tried to) for them to have a reason to break up with you as a result of going along with their idea.


Well they’re a complicated little shit and probably why they are my favorite. I love Leah, but D is kinda crazy at times and thats why I love them. I’m guessing things will calm down in the sequel with them now that they admitted their feelings and are willing to be with you along with the risks.


I had threesome twice while romancing D and still ended up very much in love in the end. So those who assume D will break up with you if you have a threesome is incorrect.


I kinda forgot the detail, but the point is

winter and ruby used to be in a beef, so she wanted to piss off winter by stealing his package.

As for gunther, well he just wanted to get the job done quick by breaking into ol’ mort’s office, only to find the package having the Circle’s crest on it, which makes him went on rampage and even more determined to hunt down Circle

Anyway i didnt know you could have a threesome??? Does it only work if you brought D or can it work out with L too?


Was it with Winter?


Yes and with some random dude on the ship


I find it interesting that D would be the one to be afraid to lose the MC, but not L. In Evertree, the connection between MC and L was very strong and it was made clear that you are their first love. Furthermore, they left their family to go with you. Huh.


Actually they don’t break up with you because of that. I agreed to the threesome twice: with the sailor and with Winters. I think the break up scene depends on what you say when D asks you about it in the Epilogue. I told her I don’t want us to end. Then she asked how she can be sure I wouldn’t break her heart. I answered that she’d have to give me her heart first. Then she asks what you feel like doing at the moment. And you can even suggest finding a sailor for the threesome again, but Daisy says that this time she’ll have you all to herself. It leads to a happy ending with her :relieved: It actually said that D and you are VERY happy!


If we assume that Mrs. Dupree and Wen survived the 1st book then L has other people beside MC who are close to them. But since Iseria died in Evertree and D doesn’t have good relationship with their family, they don’t have anyone besides MC. At least that’s the explanation I can think of…


From Evertree epilogue your probably Ds first love as well.

"You allow {dandy_him} to seduce you away from the window and back to the bed as you lay down beside {dandy_him}, {dandy_he} reached out and strokes your cheek with uncharacteristic affection. You ask {dandy_him} what {dandy_he}'s thinking and {dandy_he} smiles.

“I was thinking of bet I once made with Isaria. If she were alive right now I’d owe her five hold pieces.”
#“I love you, {dandy}." The {dandy_race}'s eyes widen and then {dandy_he} smiles more brightly that you have ever seen. {dandy_he} rolls you onto your back so that ${dandy_he} is on top of you.”


I missed a clue and need help - what word do I say to the white mist from the empty bottle in the captain’s quarters?


Nothing, but if you drop it inside it’s the symbol of Lux’s crime syndicate.


I believe what you say does not matter


Just wanted to drop in and say how much I enjoyed my first playthrough of these games: a lot. I had fun the whole way through. My one minor nitpick about the games is the combat; I was pretty successful throughout, with one glaring exception. I was bested by a desk. Leah’s mother died because a desk knocked me out. Ten minutes later I soloed a dryad (Gunther dropped his axe in the river and cried at the Dryad and that’s it. Thanks man.) But the desk . . . the desk overpowered me where its master could not. It has bothered me the entire time I played Sordwin. I guess slaying the wooden beast is something to look forward to doing correctly.

Anyway, the characters are what make these games shine, and they’re written very well. Sordwin is a huge improvement on Evertree, and my favorite part of it is being able to bring Leah along and her whole character arc was fantastic, every interaction was pretty adorable. Everyone is well characterized, and deciding the right way to go about asking for information, making logical conclusions, all of the investigative stuff is super well done. I never found myself wishing for an option that wasn’t there. I had quite a few laughs, too, especially fighting big bad hood guy at the end. After an epic back-and-forth melee stalling for time against long odds like the incredible badass I wish I was, my last viable option, the crescendo of our climactic conflict, was to toss a box at the guy . . . yeah, I fucking dropped it with my noodle arms and stalled the thing with utter bafflement. I cannot believe Leah is even still around me at this point.

Needless to say I’m excited for the next story and dreading my character’s escalating incompetence.


I think 80+ combat should be enough to beat the desk.
Tho my halfling MC is also on the opinion now that a desk can be a more intimidating foe than a dryad. (80+ perception wasn’t enough to beat it bc it seems arrows are too weak against it)


All this talk about Daisy and Leah is the real MVP.

Sidenote: I played a heartless dick and still kept Daisy despite cheating on her several times. You just need to NOT tell her you love her.

Also I can not wait to kill Winter. Dude made a fool of me in our fight thanks to his bs healing factor.

To anyone that’s done it, can you sleep with Winter with Leah as your RO? It never gave me that option like it did with Daisy


Hello everyone it’s been a while… Love the evertree series now on book sordwin. Just wondering what are the romance options and how to achieve them. Thanks in advance.


While technically there may be three new romance options, the only real one that’s new is Oriana. You get her by showing romantic interest and being agreeable. You get a couple kisses and that’s it.
The other options are Winter and Ruby, though they are more teased romances than actual ones. Winter is easy. Just meet them at the tavern and don’t reject them. Ruby requires you to not bring along a friend (Daisy or Leah) and to show romantic interest in her. You’ll be able to sleep with Winter though I’m not sure if anything happens with Ruby.

The best romance options, imo, are your og options from Evertree. You can expand on their relationships and they are more dynamic and interesting


Also, if you have Gunther as a companion and don’t romance anyone on book 1 or 2, you can chose an option that says you are developing feelings for him right at the end. So I am guessing we will be able to romance him on the next game thank god, I’ve been wanting to romance him since book 1, and I had accepted that he would never be a RO