Sordwin by Thom Baylay



So you slept with Winter? And yeah Dandy already knows if you have a thing for Orion. They pretty much tell you at the end if you still like Orion by the ending.


Why you all cheating on your companions? :joy:


I completely missed Winter because of a bug I think. He was going to talk to MC but when I pressed the next page he was suddenly gone and the bartender resumed talking to MC like Winter was not standing behind MC. Weird.


My dude did. And then chapter 7 happened, and he ended up confessing that maybe things between D and him were starting to get more serious than he’d been ready to admit to himself (and that was scary as hell).

So awkward and beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Did he break up with you? Cause they get really pissed and so after it seems they’re gonna hold it against you.
Dandy even will say your just like everyone else wanting someone new once they get bored of them.

You mean cheating?

Jesus was I the only one who can stay loyal.


It has to do with the way I rp my dude; like some sort of no strings attached kind of guy because it goes with his chaotic nature. When D told him they should “spice things up” he thought it meant “open relationship”. He sort of rolled with it because he didn’t want to look lame in front of someone he more or less admires. But he got it wrong and everything started going down the hill pretty quick. So he apologized and both of them were forced to admit their relationship is a little more complicated than friends with benefits.

That’s what’s awkward and beautiful. And no, they’re still together and pretty much head over heels for each other. I love this ship :heart:


Ok I understand now hopefully they fully forgive you lol, though don’t think I could ever role-play a character like that especially as someone who knows the pain of getting cheated on.


Sorry to hear that.

I’m pretty much interested in how Thom will handle trust on the next book. Will D be like “how can I fully trust you after what you did”. Will they be irked if we cross paths with Winters again?


They probably would be for those that cheated. I’m guessing they won’t fully trust you with their feelings maybe and hold back some a little.
Kinda funny how some people were worried if D would be loyal, when it’s the opposite lol.
I’m hoping for a more wholesome romance for the people who stayed loyal and the challenges of living together now, maybe even a proposal at the end.

overused meme


If you found a bug like this please take a screenshot and send it as a message to me. I’m working through small glitches like this that were missed in the Beta but I can only find them if I have a bit more information. Thank you :slight_smile:


What about spouses who are sexy partners in crime.


Kind of a mouthful, but it could work :stuck_out_tongue:


So I imagine L steals the package bc they want to prove themself and D does it bc they worry about losing MC(?). What are Rubys and Gunthers reasons to do that?


If I remember correctly Ruby steals it to be helpful or something like that after Oriana/Orion refuses to let her come along to help

I have yet to play through with Gunther though


No, I was loyal to Dandy/Daisy but they were still trying to initiate a threesome with me all the time. The second they found out about Winter’s shapeshifting “Hey MC, you wanna have some fun :wink:” All I wanted to do is retrieve the box, get payed and leave the island once I have the box. D needs to know there’s a time and place and that was terrible timing. We could have been gone, but of course no escape when the plot demands it.

Oh, Who got the ending where they killed Sebastian’s Fiancée (I forgot her name)to stop the face stealing lantern people?(also forgot their names forgive me, I’m not awake)


If you do the winter threesome I’m pretty sure they end things with you later.


I didn’t do the Winter threesome, I was just annoyed by the fact that D picked probably the worst time to ask that. Also really ? They break up with you if you agree even though they’re the one that suggested having a threesome with you in the 1st place ?


Sebastian is married to Chrysanthemum Grow, I believe it’s his childhood friend Jewel Farthing (who is in love with him) we can kill.


Yes Jewel, thankyou for correcting me.


They do these things in an attempt to get you to break up with them. They’re afraid of falling in love with you and being in a relationship and that you might end up dead. They feel being alone is better than falling for you and you end up dead or leaving and leaving them alone with the pain. Apparently I’m right from author man.