Soldier's Chronicles : War of the Austrian Succession (WiP)

I tried to do an interest check for a game few years ago and never got around towards realizing the idea. Well I started working on it and would like to know your opinions.

I’ve begun work on my new game Soldier’s Chronicles : War of the Austrian Succession.
Game is set in, as title suggests, War of the Austrian Succession. If you do not know why it was fought allow me to educate you. It was fought between 1740 and 1748. Most European powers fought in it. Reason for
declaring war was that a Maria Theresa could not inherit her fathers titles. If you want to know more I believe a simple google search will suffice.

Currently it’s about 4k-5k Words done, and updating will not be regular because I have a bit too much on my plate right now, but it should clear in few months.

Game uses trait system for which I thank N1GHTMAR3 for giving me an example of code.

For any other info or questions please contact me.

To play the demo, go here:


I got this error if it helps

i’v found that bug :


Well thanks, I thought I fixed that but apparently not.


Thank you for making this, I have longed for a wip that was based on strategy and the 18th century. I will watch this closely for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


cracks austrian knuckes I got this guys

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Here are the typos I found, I hope they can help.






*the scribe answers

*the baron’s regiment

*you also joined

*a lone

*the baron

And good luck with your WIP !

You are drinking heavly.

It should be, “You are drinking heavily.”

It is good beer.

It should be. “It’s good beer.” I know it seems like the same thing, but English is weird. It’s correct, but it isn’t fluid, you know? No one realistically says, “Oh it is good beer.” People use contractions because it flows easier.

After that your mother has fallen ill and died soon after. 

Should be, “fell ill.” Has fallen is present continuous and death is the great cure lol.

I hope you don’t think I’m annoying or nitpicky with these corrections, I am just trying to help.


It’s okay, I find english much easier to speak than to write, so any help is welcome.


Can you add customizable names? And by the way the game seems awesome so far

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I found this bug.


It’s the end of the WIP for now. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :smile:


Is the MC locked to being hetero-sexual, as well as being male?


I tought about that, but I do not think that would be very realistic. Imagine being called Jack Jones in 18th century Balkans. Very immersion breaking.

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Well yes, but mostly because I am going for historical accuracy and I am trying to focus more on battles and problems soldiers faced in 18th century than romance. And the other reason is I think I would be bad at writing romance.


Okay. :blush:
Thank you for the answer. It’s one of those things that are nice to know, instead of wonder, and there isn’t a tag for it.

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It should be a



May I ask a question is that whether we could get to choose our own horses for the MC himself?

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Since regiment I am writing about is infantry, they did have some hussars after 2nd recruitment, I have been thinking about using horses only on scouting missions, or while running orders around the battlefield.


very impressed with the traits system. Is it possible to add a few more options to the “chase skirts” or “drinking games” option?