SoH Testing (Samurai)

MultipleChoice here, of Fatehaven fame, and I’ve got something special for you.

This is my second choose-your-own-adventure game, and it takes place in a fantasy version of Japan. We’re talking samurais, ninjas, and spirit animals. You’ll start the story as a rough and tough ronin, who—put simply—is a complete badass. He/She has got a bloody past, and from the looks of it, a bloody future too. It’s written in the first-person perspective: as you shape his/her actions, he/she will shape your thoughts in turn. I hope it makes for a fun and immersive experience unlike any you’ve felt before.

Samurai of Hyuga is the first in an epic series. The link to the demo which features the first four chapters can be found on my website:

This interactive story isn’t for everyone. I’ve been around these forums long enough to know that not everyone will be comfortable with the material. For those individuals, I’m asking you to step out of your comfort zone. My hope is that this adventure gives you shivers, tingles and everything in between. I hope at times it makes you uncomfortable, and at other times makes you feel totally cool.

I’ll be updating this post with answers to good/recurring questions, so if I don’t respond to you make sure to check it often!

Will there be romance? There will be, but only vague hints of it during this first book. The first in the series focuses on introducing the characters and building the character dynamics between them. Prepare for a ton of drama!


I loved fatehaven and im sure i’ll love this :slight_smile:

This sounds nice. I can’t wait to play this and perhaps even drop in some feedback, which I rarely do because of laziness.

Mm. I can’t help but think of Rurouni Kenshin right now.

Super excited about this. The western feel of the first few pages is making me giddy. Reading it now.

Good game. I’m looking forward to playing future editions. Two small issues I noticed, though:

When I choose to sit next to Kin, it forces me to still sit next to the bride. Seeing as the seating position is completely immaterial, not so much as being referred to again even once, this only serves to spit on the illusion of player choice. In addition, I’m not so sure Perverted and Chivalrous work as a dichotomy, since you’re not using Chivalrous to mean “tactful,” you use it to mean “good-hearted,” expressing regrets for killing and whatnot, which is not at all in strict opposition to being a leering libertine.

I liked it, I enjoy games with a Japanese influence.

I can’t wait for more! :slight_smile:

Is very good! I am a perverted killer hahahaha!

This sounds awesome. I loved your first game, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

I enjoyed the demo a lot.

This feels less heavy than fatehaven, which is one of my favourites, and this is not a bad thing.

Will you be able to become a daimyo or even shogun?

Beating up jerks in exchange for dumplings? Never before have I felt so much like a certain unshaven, breakdancing swordsman.

Can’t wait to play the full version.


This was so much fun to play! Can’t wait for more!

I played just a few pages and I’m already loving it. Vaguely reminds me of a really old WIP on here (can’t remember the name, but I do remember the user who made it).

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i enjoyed fatehaven and now you will do a samurái game? damm my wish of a samurái game is coming true :smile: and im sure people like @122B will like it too xD

Edit: oh and those 2 vn in your website , what gender the protagonist is?
Edit 2: already read the 4 chapters, and let me tell you is pretty good, still i think you should add more conversations with the characters, while the game and history is pretty good sometimes writers take more time in describe the environment the characters are and less of characters development , in my humble opinión i think that part make the game shorter than they really are… :wink:


I enjoyed playing this. But I felt more like I was reading a light novel, so anytime a choice popped up, which was frequently, I was reminded that this was a choice of game.

It seems there was a reason why I was thinking of Rurouni Kenshin before I even clicked on the link; the main character is reminiscent of Kenshin! Except Kenshin didn’t become a samurai for money. His reason was more altruistic, but ultimately actually selfish if you watched the movie. I wonder, how did you come up with the cast? Masashi and Toshibi (sorry if I got this wrong) are interesting. Hopefully, they’re more than just archetypes. Then again maybe this is the type of story that revolves solely around the protagonist, while everyone else is merely either the stepping stone or stumbling block they’ll have to climb over the course of the story.

Another thing I like here are the stats. Personality is going to be an important aspect of your story, I think, so I’m curious if you’re ever going to do anything experimental with them at some point. Are they just going to constantly oppose each other, ever rising and falling as the protagonist behaves ‘erratically’, or will your stats eventually become ‘fixed’ at a certain point in the game? I’m not sure how to feel about setting traits in stone, but it would be cool having them locked, and then unlocked upon reaching a major plot twist or powerful scene in the story that causes the protagonist to change, either slightly or majorly.

Ahh. I have more to say but I don’t know how to articulate my thoughts any more than this.

Well done with what you have so far. I really liked this. More than I thought I might. Reminds me of a lot of different Japanese anime. The plot is good. Your writing style is quite fluent :ok_hand:
I think this is a grammar error?

A blissfully cool breeze flew by, but I wasn’t unable to enjoy it.

Is it supposed to read “but I was unable to enjoy it”
Or “but I wasn’t able to enjoy it” ?

It’s a fun game, I really enjoyed the preview so far. I like the choices and stats and I though the characters were interesting. I’m not sure if we’ll get to define the characters backstory (I always love getting to choose appearances and backstories), but I’m fine with it whether you do or don’t.
Anyway, it’s a great game, and I hope to see more of it, I’m really looking forward to it! :smile:

@ Silverstone: My he was trying to say he was not not able to enjoy it. :smile: Samurai MC just being a big ol’ grumpy tsundere. imagining it makes me chuckle a little.

@MultipleChoice: I enjoyed playing this as much as Fatehaven. But I agree with Chwoka that Perverted and Chivalry are not the best dichotomies so far. Unless you intended for Chivalry to apply to courteus treatment of women and honerly conduct, in which case I will be constantly switching between the Perverted samurai and Chivalruos. Trying to be an honerable perverted samurai is no longer feasable it seems

On a side note this is one of my pet peeves with opposite stats, it can sometimes limit the character you are creating and/or railroad you into making decisions for the sake of improving said stats. The railroading choices is somewhat irritating when you pick a choice and fail because the stat is no longer high enough.

1 Hour demo ? on annoucing the game ? you have truly Sensei{experienced] way of going about things :smiley:

Edit: game is good throught i think the Drifter choices should be more explained, when i picked dont throw money at me, i expected something more like, Im not some greedy money hunter, than “dont dishonor the money” wibe

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Love it, really. i like the writing style and choices are fun. though, not a fan of opposite stats. i like to choose my actions based on circumstances not my wish to be that or that, otherwise i will be in the middle and so far i’m always punished for that.

keep up the good work!

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