Snowfall (Update March 10th 2019) (Wip)

Hello fellow choice script games enthusiast,
I’ve recently gotten side tracked from my first story Reaper, and this is the what came of it.


The story of Snowfall is that of the hardships of occupation and the struggles to free yourself from under the grips of a fanatical theological government.

You play as a veteran of the american invasion of Canada. You manged to escape the clutches of the P.O.W camps of which so many of your brethren in arms have been sentenced too. Instead you’ve manged to make it home in the western parts of Canada, and there you live in relative peace for a handful of months. Though this peace is short lived as the full force of the American Holy State sends it’s enforcers to enforce their laws and beliefs. You are now thrown in the mits of a guerilla war as you fight to free yourself from the tyrannical government. Will you mange to free your country or shall you be written off in history as a terrorist standing against the forces of good?

The World

In 2014 the Russian federation forcibly annexed the Crimea, Though they didn’t stop there, The next year after failed negotiations from the U.N and NATO, Russian tanks raced into the Ukraine, the world was drawn back into another world war. Ukrainian forces fell back to the river along Kive to hold till NATO forces arrived. While not yet a official member of NATO, NATO gave a guarantee that if the Ukraine was attacked they would join the fight. While the U.N did not make such a agreement they did kick Russia out of the counsel and a few of the most outspoken countries embargoed Russia, but most would not incur the wrath of the country. A few short hours after the first battle the leaders of warring countries made a agreement not to use any long ranged nuclear weapons, though short range tactical missiles were still on the table.

The war was going poorly, NATO forces were being pushed back to the Romanian, Slovakain and Polish borders. Though Turkey had pushed into Russian soil, they were being bogged down by ever increasing Russian divisions. By the second year of the war near 500,000 men and women died while Russian troops continued to make headway into mainland Europe, Turkish forces hand been pushed onto the defensive and are falling back towards mainland turkey. In year three when Russian forces had made it to the German border NATO had enough. Peace talks began but Russia was harsh, They wanted all of Ukraine and Romania, they also demanded the northernmost province of Norway along with half of Turkey. The offer was refused and another year of war continued on. When loses were approaching 1 and a half million for NATO, they finally had enough. NATO gave into Russian demands, though this grew much harsher, they now also demanded Alaska, all of Norway along with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania which has been under Russian occupation for 2 years.

Though with much debate and protest, these demands were met. Russia became the most dominant power in Europe and has redeemed themselves a global threat.

North America

The US became quite a different place after what was later called the Russian affairs. The US had gone into total war preparations, and after the loss, american national pride as the unbeatable country was destroyed. Over 400,000 men and women were lost overseas with 100,000 being captured and imprisoned. The american people were thrown into a depression much like that of the 1930’s, and this became a breeding ground for ultra political groups to form. One of these groups (the american holy ordous party) gained traction based on their extreme religious and fanatical views about america’s place in world . The party claimed that the Americas were a holy place, that it is the american people’s job to secure the content in the name of God. They made promises of bringing american pride back, that north america is God’s land, the people must rise and take it. An in the 2020 election the america holy ordous was elected with little resistance, they got to work bring america out of the debt and unemployment it had gotten into.

In the year 2021 america strong armed a new government in mexico that favored american annexation and after protests and a armed uprising, mexico was broken up into 5 different states. They too forcibly took all of central america, all the way up to the panama canal.Though the UN protested heavily to these acts of aggression, they would do nothing to stop them. The world was weakened with american isolationism, economics collapsed and governments were divided against each other. NATO became a shell of its former self with its most powerful ally pulling out with the election of the America Holy Orduos party.

Even being severely weakened NATO could see the storm brewing, they knew america wouldn’t stop till they had the continent under them. Many NATO members began gearing for another war. A prime example of this was Canada, the country began a mass mobilization program and started conscripting men into the armed forces. A series of mass fortifications were made along the saint Lawrence (named the maple line) along with a section north of the great lakes in Ontario (named the Ontario line). The Canadian army reached record number of army personal (a little less than 300,000) along with another 200,000 in reserves. Though this was minuscule compared to the american army now nearing two million men and women. British, German, and french volunteers were too sent to help guard the Canadian border (around another 100,000 men and women).

In the year 2023 the world was thrown back into war. American forces marched onto Canadian soil, the first shot of the war was at the battle of Niagara falls, where american divisions attempted to cross into Canada, NATO and Canadian forces were able to hold out for a day before they were forced to blow the bridges across the river, the situation was similar at the Detroit an Saint Clair rivers. Along the western prairie provinces there were far less large scale battles, the orders for Canadian and NATO forces were to wage a guerrilla war against any american forces in the area. This was especially prominent in the mountain region of British Columbia and western Alberta. Any industry in the area where to ether being destroyed by special forces or being moved towards northern Quebec, the northwest territories and Nunavut. The war went on this way for 6 months till american forces were able to break through Canadian forces along the Ontario line, American tanks and mobilized infantry smashed through the last defensive lines and rushed to the capitol.

The war was over within the year with a near 500,000 men and women lost in the conflict, and another 300,000 wounded.


PC: Play as a veteran of the Russian affairs, a special forces member cut off or a simple patriot taking up arms in the name of the country

Jack/Jenny: Your childhood best friend who has joined your resistance after their family was killed by the occupation force

Lou: Lou’s a gruff sniper for the special forces, he like you managed to escape the clutches of the holy orders P.O.W camps.

Addie “Frenchie”: Addie is a french volunteer who decided to stay behind and help local resistances


This story deals with themes of racism, religion, homophobia, democide/genocide, and mutilation. I do Not support any of the thoughts or beliefs portrayed in the story’s world. These themes are in no way made to resemble reality or current politics, and are instead made for entertainment purposes.

If you’re uncomfortable with any of these themes then go play something else this book isn’t for you.


Current word count: 15,163

If you have any comments, feedback, or errors feel free to leave them below and I’ll get to them as soon as I can.


I got an error very early on. Right at the first chapter break. It’s a small sample, but I liked the little bit I read.

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Not much for met to say right now as it is a pretty short demo but I find the ideas extremely appealing and I love your other wip reaper so therefore I have high hopes for this one as well even if it is just a side project I will be following snowfall eagerly


@Camille622 @SuperJoshie
I’m very sorry about that, the first chapter is playable but it was freezing right after the prologue it should be fixed now.

I like it and want more!!!

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Well mate I’ve just played through this and I’ve got to say you’ve got buyer in me and one hell of an alternate history going on here that’s got all the right formula for a series is you were so inclined. I look forward to seeing the updates you come up with


Quick question @Exeldgamer do have any plans for adding holy order defectors to the cell (ala freedom fighters) and would your cell recruitment system work along the lines of @JimD in zombie exodus because I believe it could work very well in this sort of set up

I was going to use a system like that in choice of rebels, where you just acquire troops from events and side missions. Though I never thought of it on a more intimate scale like that. I might end up doing it, thanks for the idea. :slight_smile:


right after I chose to be a Canadian ranger I clicked the stat screen and this error code appeared

choicescript_stats line 30: bad label candian_ranger

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I like this a lot the setting is really cool and other than some grammar errors everything was good.

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Pretty good read; the only critique i have is after the friend enters the picture the pacing seems off feels a little rushed and the conversations seem to blur together.

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A very good demo.I like the setting of alt history.
I am curious about the destiny of south America in the world of the’s part of the new manifest destiny of the USA?
who was the role of this region?

i am only at the beginning but…can we have the inquisitor as a ro?

EDIT:oh maaaan she got shoot


No worries mate seems like both could work depending on how big the cell gets. If we wind up leading the entire resistance movement the Choice of rebels would probably be better with only a few key members being given personality and characterization while the Zombie Exodus idea would work better if we commanded a cell of around 15 individuals as a part of wider network. In fact it could work if you combined both as the MC rises to prominence and takes command of the resistance you could add a resistance tab that would be like the Choice of Rebels while still maintaining command of your loyal personal cell giving the best of both worlds. Just a thought either way its gonna be a fun ride no matter what

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Damn, haven’t even played the demo and the discription has already gotten me hooked. :raised_hands::clap:
Good luck soldier!
Ps: pls pls pls pls keep working on this it’s great.
Also could you make it so for Jenny/Jack you put him/her instead of they, it’s just a small thing that breaks my immersion. Thanks.


I like how story going :grinning:

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Must suck get home from the wars only to be dragged into another one i would be pissed off at everyone.


Indeed it is apart of the Americans mission to free the Americas of the corruption of eastern society.
I assume you mean to say what was the role of thus region. There really isn’t one other than bring them under their influence, it seen as a mission from god to then to protect the holy lands of the Americas, this is not just limited to north America.

I love the setting of the game but i have a few questions. Where is your MC from? Which country’s army is he/she part of? (Maybe i missed this part.) And add a little more to the MC’s background, like what he/she was doing in his/her past before he/she joined the army and everything. Other than that, really looking forward to this. Good luck!


Your MC is from Canada, more specifically the western provinces. I left where you’re exactly from purposefully a little vague, as I felt a exact location unnecessary.

Depending on what you chose, your MC was ether apart of the Queens Own Rifles, the Canadian Rangers, or a non mentioned regiment which they where conscripted into, though no matter what you were a part of the Canadian armed forces.