Games I plan to make

While I have only recently aquired Choicescript and have yet to master its confusing embrace, I plan to make at least two games. I havd been playing CoG games for some time and enjoy them greatly, but I have no experiance making them. I am however a fanfiction writer so i have some creative skills to start with. But lets move from me to the games. Or rather your opinions as to wether I should go through the pain of making them.

The first is still untitled. It revolves around the premise of you work at the largest insurance corporation in america, which is actually a front for a large mercenary/assassin/hitmen-for-hire group. You start at the insurance company but get “promoted” and join the afformentioned group as an itel gatherer but soon become a field agent. After a while you get the main mission and target but i won’t go into that as it might contain spoilers. This game will be semi-comedic due to some characters but will contain violence and is set in the near future so maybe addvanced tech and there will be some weird plot stuff.

The second is The Grey Winter. Put simply WW2 went in a different direction with a non-Hitler led germany wins the nuclear arms race and… well im sure that explains itself. A decade or two after most of the world is thrown into a never ending, ash filled winter, germany is the only nation which stills stands. They control all the livable land left on the planet and they rule with a fist to put iron ones to shame. You are a half german half russian child living in the largest habitible city in whats left of Russia and after some… hard times… you join a resistence group and the game is about living your life in this group, dealing with fighting the germans and the discrimination of being half german. And this game will be rather brutal (cant think of a less serious descriptive word) and will be rather violent as well, due to the subject. I want this to be as real as i can so alot of research and should be kind of staight forward, although it should be the bigger of the two games.

Anyways, i need some feedback on the ideas before I sink alot of my time into them and get told they suck. and if you wish for more details, just ask.


I like the second f.k Dick had a similar book i dont know his english name about a real alternative with a dry mediterranean see for more cultive land and america dominated by japanese

Remember both boy and girl paths you will get more popular that way

And I will play the game if and ONLY if there is a female path that (and male romance option would be good but optional) the first one me likey .lots of possibilities for that broad category put your own spin on the warriors please I look forward to playing and giving somewhat helpful feedback .cheers…

Don’t worry, i am going to put in male and female pathes and completly optional romances in the games. i have no problems with that kind of stuff. And I will make them play slightly different. Although i havent quite figured the male character romance for the first game. Well, i have one but i would have to recreate him, And I think I shall do that. And the spy hunter game is going to come first because it’s based off of a story i already created in my head, so it’s sort of a continuation but with changed details.

I think i like the story forThr Grey Winter more so i’m going for that one

Although I find the second more intriguing, it’s a topic I’ve always considered difficult to do without causing controversy or inadvertent disrespect.
By all means go for it, but just be careful. The World Wars are a very touchy subject, you never know who you might offend.
Best of luck!

The second idea definitely seems to be the most interesting. One might suspect that prior to the Germanic catastrophe, a few enterprising nations managed to preserve a small nucleus of their population underground. Radiation would never penetrate a mine some thousands of feet deep, and with nuclear generators providing electricity, powering lamps with which one could grow crops, and perhaps a breeding plan of some sort, then there could feasibly exist a few small strongholds of former nations.

I have to say the first option appeals to me a great deal more, I like comedy and if done right I can see the main character become a James Bond (or if comedy is the first priority maybe more like Archer) like spy character in the employ of evil inc. Hope there’s lots of crazy gadgets in it (I’m still kind of sad the latest Bond films have far less silly gadgets).

As to the second I don’t think I’d be likely to play it, then again if it’s good enough…

I love both ideas so go for either :slight_smile: lol.

The second idea sounds really cool, especially if you could create a dieselpunk mythology around it…