Slither (WIP)

I’ve recently begun to create my first game.
I’ve already finished the outline for the game, but before I actually start making too much of it, I wanted to get some opinions on the basic plot.
The story is basically about the mafia in a post-apocalyptic world. The main character is it’s newest recruit and has entered during a time of an intense struggle for power between their gang (The Wolves) and their rival gang (The Snakes). The title is a reference to the significance of the Snakes to the plot, as well as the irony of the main character’s gang being cold and uncaring to its members, but the Snakes being much like a wolf pack to theirs.
There are three basic backgrounds to choose from: You can be the child of the mafia boss, an average person from inside the safe walls of the capital city, or an orphan that grew up in the slums where the mafia resides.
There are four basic personality types to go along with this: The innocent, the bloodthirsty, the seducer, or the indifferent.
The plot hinges mostly on the political disputes and physical run-ins with the Snakes, but as the plot unravels, hints as to how the world ended up the way it did are revealed. I’m planning to include romance, but aside from two of the romancable characters, it won’t have a major influence on the outcome of the plot.
So before I begin to solidify all of my plot points, I thought it would be a good idea to get some advice on the directions I should take with the game.


It Sounds Like a Great idea, but i am haveing Trouble imagining this World, äs there are multiple ways you could take it, is Almost all Technology Lost, or are they more Advanced, are they Isolated To a small area around this City, do they even know the Rest of the World exists?, or is the whole World governed by this City? So in General i Wood like To Hear more about what State the World is in, before i think i will really be able To help with your Plot.

Basically the world fell apart many years before the game begins. The world has had much time to rebuild itself, but much knowledge about ancient technology has been lost. The entire known world, which spans across a single continent, is governed by a council of ten that reside in the capital city of Omnia Scire. The capital is currently the only truly safe area known about by the general populace as it is surrounded by ancient walls that seem unbreakable. There are many provinces that are supposed to be governed by wealthy individuals appointed by the council, but their easily accessible land is raided by the mafia organizations that have for years controlled the only known firearms in the world. Our plot centers around the provinces of Lupus (Wolf territory) and Anguem (Snake territory). Though the provinces are both relatively small, their location south of the capital offers much power to them through fertile land and some ancient technology that the mafia has access to via ancient factories. Mafia gangs in this world are generally ignored by the council because of their inability to fight back; this leaves the populace to the mercy of whatever mafia organization they fall under.
That got long really fast…I hope its enough to help.

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Maybe the romance options have a bigger play on the game so they could get captured or betray your gang extc

Will there be other smaller gangs knocking around?

Could you change sides?

Could you create your own gang?

How will the capital seen as, slum, posh ??

Can you unite the gangs and take over the capital?

I like the idea of different personality options; but I do feel like certain “types” are very one-dimensional. I have problems with this however. Would it be possible to create a combination of personalities, like a bloodthirsty seducer? Someone who slithers (ba dum tss) into the mind of someone with seduction and then betrays and assassinates them?

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I do think that I could put a larger focus on romance, but I don’t want that to take away from the plot. What would you guys think?
I currently don’t have any plans for smaller gangs, the idea is that these two are so powerful in this area that any other sort of power is void.
Changing sides is an interesting idea, and I do have some sort of plans for that.
Creating one’s own gang sounds tremendously difficult and complex to achieve as an add-on to what I already have, but such an idea would make a good sequeal. (I’m already looking way too far ahead.)
The capital is supposed to seem the clean and governed haven admist a wasteland of undergoverned corruption, but it has its own problems as well.

As far as the personality options go, I am planning to elaborate further than just those four archetypes. The basic personality will be the criteria to which the other characters view you throughout the entire game, it is esentially your reputation (who you were before the game began, if you will). It will indeed be possible to change the way you think with minor stats such as a morality meter and other abilities such as manipulative ability that will gradually change your thoughts and intentions as the story progresses. Is this a good idea though? Or should I approach it another way, such as having minor archetype that supports the main one?


Is there a chance to betray your gang and switch sides?

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Oh okay the feeling of sub gangs would be great in my opinion you could create alliances take their territory extc

I think romance would be good

Is in set deep into the future with robots extc?

Can you become one of the government capital

Could you explore more of the ‘world’ and find other sub gangs or…

Thanks for answering my questions


Oh okay the feeling of sub gangs would be great in my opinion you could create alliances take their territory extc

I think romance would be good

Is in set deep into the future with robots extc?

Can you become one of the government capital

Could you explore more of the ‘world’ and find other sub gangs or…

Thanks for answering my questions

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Breaken the chain and will there be a stat that shows what gang is stronger at the moment

Anarchy is a very important element of this game.

There is a chance to betray your gang, and it is a point that I am trying to develop rather deeply.

I’ll probably make sub-gangs important in at least a couple chapters then(And therefore important to the overall plot.)
I’ll also make sure to develop the romance element quite deeply.
I have no plans for robots, but I do plan to include some futuristic technology(Almost nobody will no how to use it though.)
The capital will play a minor role in this installment.
I do have plans for a chapter set aside to view portions of the known world.

I don’t plan to have that stat, the feud between the gangs is one that will be determined by very specific decisions throughout the game, and the outcome will not be clear until the endgame.

Thanks for all the feedback!
(And sorry that it’s taken me so long to get back to you guys; I’ve been really busy, and haven’t had much time to work on this. This just gives you an idea of how long this is going to take. I have made progress though!)

I really like the sounds of this game and look forward to seeing a demo. I think it would be neat if you set up the archetypes something like:

Everyone in the gang knows you as the most
person in the gang. Some things are such a big part of you, you just can’t hide them.

What fewer people know about you is that you are also very
when you choose to be.

And so on so forth.

* assassin

Sorry for coming late to the party, but this drew my interest, so if it’s still okay for me to discuss.
I like the general idea, but I agree with a lot of the comments that would like to see either greater clarity on what the personality traits are, or if they are exactly what is said, then greater depth to them, or at least the ability to mix them and create personalities based on them.
I’d also wonder about greater detail on the setting. When did we lose the technology? In our future, at our current level of technology?
Is this technology, whatever of it remains, salvageable?

But in general, I’d like to hear more about this project since the mafia angle intrigued me.

I just wanted to say wolfs in real life are pretty caring of there pack members