Slammed! Typos and Bugs Thread


Hi guys!

I’m itching to do an update to fix the bug in the JJ romance trigger, as well as the typos that you’ve encountered. If you could make a list of any typos or bugs here, I’ll see about submitting a new version to CoG within the week.



This is a phenomenal game, by the way! I was hesitant to buy it because sports, ESPECIALLY wrestling, are not my thing, and I didn’t expect to enjoy it, but I’m glad I did! I’m still not quite finished, and I stayed up last night until about three in the morning reading and choosing how to progress!

I’m assuming we don’t have to mark spoilers here… Right as I entered the ring to fight JJ when the lights go out, there is a paragraph that reads:

“As the fans alternatively gasp and babble, you look around frantically, trying to make out JJ’s form in the darkness, all while a little voice in the back of your head screams: No. No, they woukdn’t–”

I put the entire paragraph to hopefully make it easier for you to find exactly where it is. I found this typo particularly amusing since the “woukdn’t” is in Italics.

I must say, overall, I’m very impressed with the grammar and spelling in this game of yours! There are very few errors, though there are some, and I can be trusted to know what I’m talking about where grammar and spelling are concerned! (Aspiring copy editor here! Woohoo!)


I know I said I’d email you with a list but I’ve just not found the time to go over everything with a fine tooth comb like I wanted to and I’m currently battling a stupid multi-day headache which makes doing that sort of painstaking spellchecking difficult. My head starts to swim when I start looking. I’m not even sure if this is mistakes. This is just the few I remembered to write down.


{emr} Ecstasy, of course, has just announced that {ehe} is going to be recording {ehis} next album and will likely be out of the public eye for three months, but judging by {ehis} tweets”

Do you make tweets on Toutler?


“You give her a one-armed hug.”

That should be ${ehim}


“While ${griss} and JJ argue, you take a seat next to JJ, and across from your parents.”

Under *label sisalone_all your parents shouldn’t be there I don’t think.


After being ambushed by the Lawgivers, before the Scaffolds and Ladders match, in the locker room with Solitary, Super Horns, and JJ, Super Horns says:

“‘It’s just a title, Hodge,’ Super Horns says, ‘You think your legacy would be hurt at all, eve if you dropped it tonight? You’ve got no bigger–’”

The typo is “eve,” of course.

During the Scaffolds and Ladders match, after taking out Zeus by using the ladder he picked up (Not sure if that matters or not), there is a spot where “and” should say “to.”

“You’ve pounded the fight out of Zeus for the moment, so you climb up to the ring apron and allow yourself and do a quick survey of the ring.”

The “and do a quick survey of the ring” should read “to do a quick survey of the ring.”

After choosing to fight offensively against Super Horns after he betrayed Solitary, there is a missing “y” in the word “they.”

“You know what the say about the best defense…”

Obviously, that should be “…what they say…”

Part of this last one isn’t actually necessary since it is dialogue and people don’t speak with proper grammar, but it’s a bonus that you can choose to ignore. The other part of this is more of a personal preference and can also be ignored if you so choose.

In the last scene with Evan at the graveyard, there is a paragraph that reads:

“‘Don’t be silly,’ says Evan, entwining his arms with yours. ‘You being here is enough. He’d have loved to meet you.’”

The first part (left to right) is the period after “yours.” That period can change to a comma if you want, but seeing as you wrote it with a period in the first place, it is doubtful you’d want to change it.

The second part is the “You” right after the period. IF you want Evan to speak with proper grammar here, you would change the “You” to “Your” since “being here” is an action, a gerund, to be precise. It’s all up to you, though.


@Chikiamco i’ve on my 6th play-though now i think and so far I’ve noticed several places that he/she him/her have been switched (I’ve played for both genders and it’s not always the same places) however i play on a tablet so it’s not that easy to take exact notes…
however for the privilege to be able to look under the hood of this amazing title I’d be very happy to offer my help in going through all of the script (summer holidays so i actually have the time to go through 250k words by the end of this week)…
just being able to know all the intricacies of this title would be worth the time it’d take me to do this…


Not sure if this has been brought up in particular @Chikiamco, but on my most recent playthrough I was a female lesbian wrestler and I reported Ecstacy’s use of the painkillers causing her to not be a part of the game anymore. However, there were several instances where it talked about her as if she had been a part of the events at the promo (where JJ does the piledriver) even though she was not there. Later, I developed a relationship with Rio and people got upset because “they thought I was cheating on Ecstacy”, even though the MC in this playthrough never had any form of relationship with Ecstacy since she disappeared halfway through the game and never returned.

Hope it helps, I will look for more things!


Well there is all the times that shout is spelled shot.

If you reveal that Sunshine is the cheater, it stops the incident with the Aunt from happening, but somehow doesn't stop the MC from being accused of being the saboteur.  Yet you still can't train your technique, so obviously getting stabbed doesn't make her like the MC anymore, so really it should be the other way around.

If you beat Prototype as a female wrestler, to become the new grand champion, the MC is still rated as number 2 in the roster.


Thanks for the help everyone. It’s not an excuse, but it’s really tough keeping track of the variables and routes in a work this long, so your notes are a big help.

@NmNighteyes Heh, all that you’ll realize if you look “under the hood”, so to speak, is how bad of a coder I am. I can’t remember the number of times Jason or Adam would ask why I used 10 lines of code to do something that could be done in 1, or something to that effect. Still, if you’d like to give it a go, message me your email and I’ll send you the text files. Thanks for the offer, either way!

@stsword Ah, thanks for the “shot/shout” thing – that was a mistake in the entry for the taunt variable, so that’s why it popped up a lot.

The other two aren’t bugs though: you still get accused even if you caught Sunshine because the scene with Zeus happens in Week 7, while the confrontation with Sunshine happens in week 8. You just get to see the Sunshine scene first, in-game.

As for being number 2, that’s not a GWA-rank – it’s your rank in a wrestling magazine, which reflects the popular opinion of who are the best wrestlers in the world. The only way the public will see you as #1 is if you beat Solitary.

I don’t state it in the game, but to my mind, in every universe where Prototype is champion, the wrestler ranked #1 is Super Horns. Prototype, even as champion, is ranked around #5 or #6.


I’ve stumbled across a few problems myself.

-Somehow, I ended up with a ranking of 0 the week before Ring of Valhalla.

-There’s a stray “goto p_a44” printed during the (I think) last fight against Prototype:
“You’re barely conscious of Prototype dragging you back into the ring. goto p_a44

-JJ referred to as the wrong gender in this paragraph:
“But that didn’t change the tone of the voice you heard in your head, nor erase the image of JJ’s accusing glare as they rolled him into the ambulance.”

-In this sentence, in addition to the misspelled “eve”, there’s an odd space between the “all” and the “,” (or the iPhone version is just formatted weird on that part with the comma on the next line):
“‘It’s just a title, Hodge,’ Super Horns says, ‘You think your legacy would be hurt at all , eve if you dropped it tonight? You’ve got no bigger–’”

I’ll see if I can track down some more of those pesky him/her mix-ups, but I know I encountered quite a few with Ecstasy.


“No. No, they woukdn’t” This is said when you are about to have your grudge match with JJ and the lights go out.



“But,one day, you come home to find a strange letter slipped under your door.”

Need a space after But.


At the end of the game when I played as a heterosexual female face, and was at the cemetery with Evan Ecstasy, he mentioned something about me being “not like his other boyfriends”. I think this should say girlfriends.
Great game, I’ve played it through about 5 times now but it’s different every time.


Okay about the rank thing, but I’d like to point out you have to defeat Super Horns in the ladder match to get to Prototype.


Thanks again guys!

@HermioneDanger Yeah, the __friends variable is giving me headaches. @@

@stsword Valid point, and there will certainly be those who’d argue that you’re the best by the end. It’s just that based on how I’ve seen fans/sites react to match results in the WWE, it’s only if you’ve beaten someone in a one on one match, by pin fall or submission, that you’d be considered “better” than an established crowd favorite like Super Horns.


Dundee shrugs. "Here’s what I think.

“I see that you know how to make the best of a bad situation—I can tell that Edith didn’t want to lose tonight, likely because she knew that I’d be in the crowd.”
There’s an " missing in the first sentence.

As the fans alternatively gasp and babble, you look around frantically, trying to make out JJ’s form in the darkness, all while a little voice in the back of your head screams: No. No, they woukdn’t

After the Scaffold Match (I took the belt and gave it to Solitary for a rematch at RoV) I managed to get the rank of -29 and decreasing (I was at -34 before I got to -22 after I won against Solitary). While I’m still deliberating whether this means I’m 29 times better than Solitary or just extremely low-ranked due to sacrificing JJ for the title, I’d still prefer a rank in the positive numbers :wink:

Voice-over: (Dame Sagramore) The past is dead. All the matters is the future.

Highlights of Dame Sagramore’s matches in the GWA, interspersed with posed studio shots of Dame Sagramore, standing in what appears to be an airport runway, on a mound of broken glass.]
There’s a bracket at the end of the sentence.

When I can choose between Ecstasy and Rio during the live event and I choose Rio, I get a page where the text and the following summary of the show are displayed at the same time:
JJ smiles, shakes her head, and stands up again. You can hear the crowd chant her name.

Soak it in, Delgado, you think to yourself. All the cheers in the world won’t help once I get my hands on you….


by BleacherWatcher619

You roll the groggy JJ over and go for the pin.
JJ kicks out and rolls to his feet, although she looks unsteady.

During the final fight, should be “her” instead of “his”.

You sense movement in the ring, and turn to see JJ rising to his feet.

she looks somewhat dazed, still trying to shake off the damage she absorbed during your brutal contest, but she doesn’t look to have suffered any truly dangerous injuries.

“We fought,” JJ says. He spreads her arms wide. “That’s all I ever really, truly wanted. I wanted us to get into a ring, and put everything on the line, fight without holding back, fight at our peak physical condition, fight until one of us was down for the count.”

“Listen,” JJ says. “Listen to that ovation.” She takes your hand in her and places it over your heart.
I think it should be “hers” instead of “her”. The connotion would otherwise seem a bit… wrong :wink:


@Nasdaxow regarding that last line, that’d be quite a show of athleticism that there… on both parts really :slight_smile:


In ending_jjbeatsyou.txt I think there’s a copy/paste error since it looks like you copy/pasted from the scene where you beat JJ.

#“Nothing I gained erases what you’ve done.”
“You turn away, and JJ slips silently out of the ring, as you once more raise your arms in victory.”

But you lost and you didn’t gain anything really.


chapter7.txt, picking your new finisher. #Full Nelson Slam requires

*if (mentor1=“Mr. Awesome”)

but this is impossible to fulfill, because back in c5inter3.txt, picking Mr. Awesome for your primary mentor performs

*set mentor1 “Mr. Awesome.”

With an extra period at the end.


Maybe not a typo or a bug, really, but it seems like something that was missed.

chapter5.txt: Verbally cutting Lynn down with promo ability of 60 or higher results in Mr. Awesome calling you “Silver Tongue,” capitalized and everything, which certainly seems suggestive of a nickname. Particularly as another choice there, getting in his face, can give you the NFA nickname “Hothead.” As it is, the only two nicknames you can possibly have are Hothead and Transfer Student, the one you start out with. It might just be missing a

*set nfaname “Silver Tongue”

solitaryrel is tracked, but isn’t actually used anywhere.


There are inaccessible scenes in c6team.txt. *label challenge_watch requires that you have immunity, which requires that you got an apology from Tempura, which excludes exposing sunshine. So the

*if ((sunshine_exposed=“true”) and (ecstasy_finals=“out”))


*if ((sunshine_exposed=“true”) and (ecstasy_finals=“in”))

outcomes under that label are impossible. This -may- be for the best, however, as the second of these would be otherwise result in a contradiction; Ecstasy loses, but her status as being in the finals isn’t removed, so c6finals.txt would have her present despite her being eliminated.