Skypiercer [WIP] (Updated 07/09/2022)


  • Chapter 3 done (~41K words)
  • Option added to view game stats affected
  • Minor fixes to previous chapters

Let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues.

Thank you for reading and hope you all have a good week!


thank you!

I should be able to pass but idk.

I found a bug.

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You’re right, you should be able to pass. It is now fixed.
Thanks for catching it.

The bug should be gone now as well.

I found this.

I can infinitely raise to the max my relationship with O if I keep repeating this choice.

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Fixed now, thanks for picking it up!

I think the save system is broken.


Fixed, thank you

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This is one of the most interesting WIP currently in development, and I am really excited to see how the story goes. As common as the fantasy genre is among CoG, there is not many authors that actually embrace the adventure and that pseudo-pulp feel I see in works like this one and Pon Para.