Skypiercer [WIP] (Updated 07/09/2022)

gah I keep forgetting to add the save back in after testing, thanks for the catch


Can we choose the gender of the ROs, or are the RO’s a set gender?

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You can choose the gender of the ROs

I"m loving the look of this so far! Don’t give up. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. You have a fan! :slight_smile:

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Hi friends,
Apologies for the lack of updates or information over the last five months, had to catch up with real life stuff before covid took me out, but I should be back on track.

Thank you to everyone who still has interest in this WIP.

I’m going through revisions of the next update and will be released by the end of the week.


Slightly behind schedule but the newest chapter has been updated


  • Chapter 2 done (~29K words)
  • Reduce starting gold from 2500 to 2200
  • Courier full repair cost increased from 800 to 1000
  • Attribute recommendations (suggestions for builds but not at all necessary, make any character you want, all should still be viable)
  • New attribute titles (may change in future)
  • Revised some prose in chapter 1
  • Added some info to Codex (Still WIP)

Known bugs:

  • For some reason gifts only work on Murdoch at the moment, will try get this fixed asap

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs/errors that break the game.

Otherwise, thanks for checking it out and let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:


@rocklobster if possible can you grey out the questions that have been selected. Cause having the option still open can make people think that they didnt.

Also when you select the option to get to know the person the increases the relationship bar. if you keep selecting it after the fact the percentage will continue to increase till you reach 81%. same for the option that increases attributes although i managed to get to 91% and couldn’t go further.

ok i did i double check its only related to Kitsunagi. My lore was originally at 50% and relationship was originally at 45% (i think… maybe 43%).

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Good pick up @Bulk_Biceps, thanks for spotting!

This is now fixed and Kitsunagi should no longer be exploitable for lore/relo increases.

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07/04/2022 Check-in:

  • Still working on chapter 3
  • Thinking of adding a ‘gamemaster mode’ that will show you what stat is being increased or tested after certain choices
  • Potentially adding a new companion you will meet in Avalon
  • Trying to utilise freelancers more since they weren’t that relevant in previous scenes

Please leave your thoughts, questions and feelings once you’ve played through the demo if you’re willing to. At this point I’m open to any feedback (although no guarantee I’ll incorporate it lol).

Otherwise, hope you all have a good week!


Question will there be new crewmembers throughout the game that you can romance or can you only romance the current three? Also I’m playing a dude in the game but everyone addresses me as if I’m a girl

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You’ll definitely be able to meet and recruit new crew members throughout the game. Most of them will be romance options, but not all.

I’ve gone through the demo a couple of times and I haven’t managed to find where this is occurring. Are you able to send me a screenshot of when this happens for you? Thanks

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Okay sorry about that, I just got to the sections where it mainly happened but there are now seeing me as a dude, so I think the first time I accidentally picked a girl. Really sorry about that :worried:

Edit: while didn’t find any about my character I am 100% sure I made Murdoch a guy but our cartographer say’s he’s a girl. Not a super big deal but just thought I should let you know.

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Your story looks really interesting cant wait for more updates

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Ah my bad, that’s something I missed during editing, should be fixed in the next update, thanks for spotting @Drakona!
You do bring up a good point though, the initial choice for gender is only one screen and its super easy to miss, considering there’s no indicator for what you chose beyond that point. Thinking of adding it to the stat page or an option to confirm gender choice.

Thanks @Custodes , I’m hoping to update it more frequently. Appreciate you checking it out, please check back soon :slight_smile:


13/04/2022 Check-in:

  • Still working on chapter 3
  • Bit of a slow week, mostly outlining different routes and choices
  • Began going back and adding stat indicator to choices (if you decide to turn on/off at the start), hoping to implement next major update
  • Various bug/logic fixes

As always, let me know if you encounter any issues and I’m happy to hear any feedback you’re willing to give.

Have a good week, friends


20/04/2022 Check-in:

  • Still working on chapter 3
  • Aiming to update within the next week or two
  • Will have option to see which stats are being affected by each choice next update

Otherwise, if you’ve checked out the demo so far, thank you for taking the time, and please let me know what you think if you’d like to leave feedback.

Hope you all have a good week :slight_smile:


I was wondering, will there crewmate specific quests or missions that we can do raise our relationship with them

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Hey friends,
Sorry it’s been a while :sweat_smile:
irl work stuff has been occupying all my attention lately, but this project isn’t dead and I’ve still been chipping away at it when I can.

Please keep an eye out for the next update, where you’ll find your way through the notorious Avalon skyhold in search of the fabled library of Ixandris and the secrets it may hold.

Have a good week and take care!


Yes, but the other way round, if that makes sense.

Choices you make in the main story will raise your relationship with certain crewmates, and if you raise it high enough you’ll unlock crewmate specific missions that will grant significant boons to your character.


Nice to read you again! Wish you all the luck with work, and for you to have a nice rest whenever you are able.

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