Skeletons Can't Press Charges [2 Chapters, 18k Words]

All that said, Skeletons is not focused on black culture or hip hop or anything like that. It just has two black characters talking in a natural way. :man_shrugging:

I’m also glad you like Gus and Luna. :grin:


I get what you’re saying, Mara! Some songs have some intense content, not all of course, so I can understand why you don’t like it. Personally, I prefer the more chill raps and hip hop songs. :slight_smile:

@Samuel_H_Young – Wonderful! I can’t speak for other people, but I greatly appreciate you considering the disclaimer. [also, that way you can say you warned people about the language when/if they get angsty about it].

I’m used to everyone’s characters having such formal speech lol but it’s a little refreshing, despite my previous unease, to have poc characters talk in a more natural or slang oriented way. :slight_smile:


@Bahamuht Yeah what she is saying is seriously leaning towards a minority of rap and slightly reggae but she isn’t into it so she probably doesn’t know the difference very well lol

@poison_mara No worries I won’t ask and pretty ladies never could offend me. image

And as @Samuel_H_Young said unlike SJ we are not dealing with a story that is even prominent with hip-hop themes and such lol let’s accept everything has been said from every viewpoint, data has been given, and move on to why Samuels latest game is a total masterpiece. And why his cat is ultra cute!


Now with that finish, let’s speculate who we ran over.
I say it’s the mayor.


See, this is why I love you, Tev. :grin:

Boi how u so smoov


It is ultra nice :hugs: being in such a positive thread people. Like one can be sincere and not being hostile rejected. I am grumpy my character is ever grumpier and with people that aren’t even her friends thus will be wild! If my ending is Mara petting luna in a hut in forest I will be happy


So I’m very cautious when white people attempt to portray black people in any form. My nerves are completely shaken when y’all try to portray us and our culture. Y’all track record is complete garbage when it comes to things like this. I will say this WIP rubbed me wrong way as I was reading it based on that fact. You’ve gone and made characters in which their blackness can not be ignored like in other WIPs. Examples being Lucy (Model Citizens), Calypso? (Children of the Gods), and Raf (Models Citizens) of the top of my head. I’m saying all this to say you need to be very careful with our culture since you’ve have decided to use it. You have a platform and a following which means accountability is a requirement and apologies won’t be enough. For clarity none of this is me attacking you. I’m not upset or angry. I’m just a concerned, black, person of color making sure you understand the gravity of the decision you’ve made within this WIP. Nothing more, nothing less. You should continually take into consideration Impact OVER Intent. Have a good evening.


Absolutely, and understood. Thank you.

Well, just out of curiosity, do you think any of my portrayals have been inaccurate so far?

I took the poll and?? samuel really had to throw luna, mom AND Gus in there but only let me select one character. smh, what an absolutely metal power-move.

also the fifth person is lowkey an unnamed fifth friend that everyone forgot about aka me lol jk

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Okay one more person needed to say their piece now we can go back to the positivity and love this thread and the forum do best. To the speculation! As for who we ran over…

@Bahamuht Mayor is just too obvious, I’d say schemey Samuel probably has someone else in mind.


Aww shite, I meant for as many as you want to be selectable. You can make as many votes as you want now.

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@Samuel_H_Young – no sweat, even if I couldn’t select them, I can retake the poll again and choose another character [I think]

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Hehe. I am pretty schemey.

Working on Chapter Two as we speak. :+1:


There is no such thing as an accurate portrayal of black people. We come in many shapes, sizes, and personalities. All I was saying was caution is warranted because, as a white (seemingly) cis gendered male, you’ve decided to dabble in a culture that is not yours and was never made for inclusion. Especially seeing as you are likely to receive financial gain if/when this WIP is completed. That was it. Best of luck to you though


I doubt anyone reads cog for the benefit of getting instilled with any viewpoint. Most just enjoy the read. And to transition from that:
@Samuel_H_Young what schemes!


Then it’s our twin!!
Was it the good twin or the bad twin?
No one will know for sure till after summer, unless we get caught and sent to the insane asylum.


Sounds great :smiley: can’t wait for more.

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Hoo, boy. Yeah, let’s not get into aggressive semantics. I’m not trying to argue, nor do I think I was being offensive. But presumably if us whites can be garbage at portraying black characters, there’s something I need to be worried about when writing them. I don’t think it’s impossible to be innacurate.

I really don’t want to argue or seem like a smart ass but there’s a 99% chance I won’t back down from incendiary comments.


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Can you umm describe the mc? Like physically? I just need a mental image of everyone when reading this :smiley: or will he be described in the next chapters?