Skeletons Can't Press Charges [2 Chapters, 18k Words]

Hi, everyone. Samuel, here. I’m the author of The Magician’s Burden, and an ungodly mass of WIPs: Mass Mother Murderer, The Enchanter’s Misery, The Twisted Village, Winter of the Bovine, and The Funny Thing About Nothing. Naturally, I had to expand that list even more to torture myself and my fans. So, here it is:


You are an eighteen year old, fresh out of high school, enjoying a semi-innocent camping trip with five of your friends. Naturally, alcohol, marijuana, and crude banter are involved.

Then, out of nowhere, a thunderstorm ruins the festivities. You and your friends cram into the SUV and begin to make your way back to civilization.

As if the night is determined to become a nightmare, a man suddenly runs out into the middle of the street and gets run over by the car. Manslaughter isn’t fun for anyone involved.


Thriller, with comedy, romance, and drama as subgenres.


  • Wrestle with life-changing, gut-wrenching decisions throughout the story. Freedom, or justice? Loyalty, or self-preservation?
  • ~ 200k projected wordcount
  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; romance males, females, both, or no one at all
  • 4 ROs: 2 male, 2 female (Felicia, Adorable, Gustavo, and Dustin)

Word Count:
Chapter One: 7k
Chapter Two: 11k

Total: 18k
Play-through length: 11k

Who are your favorite characters?


Q: Why the actual fuck do you have so many WIPs?
A: Because I’m a mad genius or something. Probably or something.

Demo Link:

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Since you keep making more wip regardless I might as well ask, have you thought of making one in which we’re a demon going through the ranks from peon to sovereign?


That has crossed my mind, yes. I’ve vaguely thought of ideas for a trilogy like that with installments called Cacophony of Misery, Instruments of Torture, and Servants of Chaos, but I haven’t actually made an outline or put any work into it. But that’s a discussion for another time.


Could our character not being a drug addict? Because i love the rest except the drug part. Maybe choose our addiction. i am all for more nymphomania. Kleptomania several phobias. But drug usage is just something i don’t found interesting and i don’t like being forced to. also kill my friends too like totally. And going to Alaska :wink:

Also if you kill my kitty again…


The MC can choose to dabble in drugs, but they can also choose to be straight edge! Yes, mental illness will definitely be a topic in the story.

But but but :cry:


NO KILLING KITTENS NO MORE… You have achieved that I afraid of get near any pet in your games because i am seeing them grossly killed.

Kill all those humans instead no problem with that. If End is mara in a hut in Alaska with Kitty both chilling near a heat fireplace I have a good ending … There is never a good ending if kitty dies. as i value kitty far beyond any romance option. Romance comes and goes a kitty is a friend forever.

But seriously Killing all friends to avoiding justice because hell if they will spill secret they always does


Hehe, sounds like Dexter :joy:

Hey, I know this is ME writing the game, but this time you’re not a serial killer or anything. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So can I be the logical one who says we have to admit we accidentally killed that guy and probably ends up being killed by my friends because I refuse to keep quiet? :sweat_smile:


If this was an oldschool 80s CYOA then yes, that would be an epic InstaKill Early Death scene. :joy::ok_hand:


If a friend is called Mara Run and don’t eat anything from her.


I’m interested. Can’t wait for the demo


I’m actually writing at such a ridiculously fast pace that I might end up posting chapter one in a few hours!


You are the bolt of forum lol I am feeling like a lazy tortoise in comparison. I hope we could choose clothing and appearance One can be a hipster teen without a bear and a fedora… then can detain character not for killing anyone. Just for crimes against Fashion


That’s good idea! I’ll probably end up giving the MC a few different fashion choices but it might be a mostly cosmetic choice. We’ll have to see.

Lol. I thought only incels wore fedoras. :joy:


This is funny because incels and MRAs/MGTOWs wear trilbys and call them fedoras.



Lmao. :skull::skull::skull:


Anyone with 18 that have beard and say is wearing a fedora… aren’t clearly age enough to wear both with style need years and certain experience… The bear in 18 years looks like the awful hair that teenager lions have … lol


Teenager lions :joy::joy::joy: that’s the best one I’ve heard yet.

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Why yoh letting us vote of fave character when we haven’t played demo


Major Update:

Chapter One is now out on the demo! It’s only 7k long, but I think it has some good substance. You meet the majority of the main characters: Dustin, Gustavo, Felicia, Adorable, Tariano, Mom, and Luna. And, naturally, the part you’re all looking for happens at the end of the chapter.

I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback, and typo and bug spotting are always welcome.