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Hi … i am wondering whether there is a bug regarding Keimia romance route because it leads to no where towards the end… i thought to ask your opinion before reporting it :slight_smile:

after the scene i came back from the rift via the dream world (after meeting both Saltrus and Keimia ) , preparing myself for the final confrontation , i chose the option of maintaining the primitive world … there was the option of seeking Keimia, which i did …and then there was option for me to reveal my feeling to her where i found her sitting on the tree…i chose to approach her to reveal my feeling but after that, the scene was Keimia said " I am a damned thing"… i think i should have multiple options on whether i want to continue pursue her romance but instead i only had ONE single option " Oh wait…i just want to talk to her " …i feel this is a bit weird…and after that the romance route seems closed… my relationship with Keimia was 76 and i didn’t chose any other RO prior to this… so i was wondering whether there is a glitch here ?

this outcome seems similar to the case of The Great Tournament 1 last time, when the romance scene with Nadine had been limited to ONE rejected option even though the author had confirm there should be more option to pursue the romance :slight_smile: perhaps you can check it out ? or is this really the end of Keimia romance ?


How does one romance Velca? any RO guide?


Need guide on this one too


Just bought the game, it seems hard and confusing. Then again, so was Choice of Rebels when I first saw it. I’ll figure things out.


First a word of advice in case anyone else is as oblivious as me. There are a few times late in the game where combat is about to start and you have options that say something like “First you draw the _”, and that literally means make a drawing of _, not draw the attention of _. It’s kind of embarrassing in hindsight, because the options were paired with the photography options as usual.

Also, when are you allowed to ask Dr. Sabbatine about Control’s origin? I was told that I had found enough clues to get an answer, but I never saw an option to ask about it. Did I lock myself out of that by romancing Control in the same playthrough?


To your second question, you need to open up the portal the next time you’re given the choice between doing that or improving the village, and there should be a dialogue option to bring it up.


Yeah, I noticed that most of the default names have that problem.


Curious, did you ever actually romance her or was this the closest? I’ve never been able to even start anything even if i convince her to leave the snake people.


If I’m correct it’s Agility


This is the closest i get after coming back from rift, first i look for her, and had some interaction, then i had option to look for her again to reveal my feeling ( there were 3 choices, i pick reveal my feeling ) … i met her sitting on a tree, again i had 3 choices ( 2 of them were only requesting her help or advice) but i pick the third, to climb up and continue the romance … after that Keimia said she is a damned thing, but then i only had one option to reply " NO…wait, i just want to talk to her " , if chose this option, Keimia will only talk to me about how to kill Tyrant…she will help me again later in one more scene… that’s why i feel weird, there should be options to continue romance scene and the achievement " Romance the Warrior " was an achievement i didn’t get yet …

so i suspect there is a bug there, because same thing happen to Great Tournament 1 of the Nadine scene… which the author confirm it , i had play Great Tournament long ago and know of those options, author told me bug only happen after update for great tournament 1 … the author later inform about this problem and i think it is fix now


Pretty sure the warrior achievement is for Therok. (Paint man)


Hmmm perhaps you are right, that’s why i was asking whether it was intend ,that was the only option where we can’t romance Keimia further … although the choice look weird , it gives impression that there should be more choices … . i was just wondering whether it was the same error like Great Tournament one , many never knows of the error if they hadn’t play the old version before update …where option to romance Nadine was "shut off " :slight_smile:


That story was perfect. So was Control


I seem to see a lot of opinion on the female ROs, how about the male ROs? :thinking:


Alexious and Teckho… Alexious will becomes sort of like the Swamp-thing of DC comic…Alexious will remain in the primitive world, Teckho will follow where ever you go


God, all these posts and I’m yet to see more than 1 person getting Therko’s name right… :rofl: Why?
Also. Alexius is a jerk. Keimia is a jerk. Too few decent RO’s around. Though Empyrean had the same problem (er… ok, there was only one instead of 2), it didn’t bother me that much - why is this book different? :confused:


What?? i had put Therko’s name numerous time…Lol

Don’t know why you said Alexius and Keimia are j**** ?.. i think they are decent ROs , both are loyalist in their own right Alexius strife to maintain balance of profit and good deeds… and later becomes champion of Plant-Life… Keimia aim to protect the entire primitive world , she was mislead by False icon where she thought if she won’t obey, the whole world will perish… that is the case if Stralcus win Everyone have their own agenda in SIlverworld, no one truly Evil and no one truly Good …even the False Icon is not unreasonable … and the choice between Queen Victoria and Byzantium , none of them are truly good or evil either :slight_smile:

I would think Sliverworld characters are close to real humanity … :slight_smile:


Well to be fair, she does betray her entire family and tribe even if you tell her you’ve been having the same dream. She also tries to kill you regardless of your stats. Sounds pretty evil to me


Keimia fought with me…but when she outnumbered me, she never strike the killing blow :slight_smile: especially she allow me to go into the volcano of the serpent man after i told her i want to talk :smile:

well… to be fair , each side claim to be the good guys in a war, Stralcus claim he is the righteous, the False icons claims he is the righteous … and in choice of rebels, some MC do more killings than Keimia in the rebellion :wink: Keimia did remorse towards the end


So I haven’t played far into the game and I decided to start over again.Now how difficult is this game exactly?Like compared to Choice of Rebels