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You can romance either a harem of robot maids, or a bee (obligatory IT’S HIP). 10/10


It’s less resource management and more knowing your strengths and picking your battles.

Almost all checks are against two or more stats, including relationship values and village condition, and get progressive harder as the game goes on; from 50ish to 70ish, I believe. There will also be fewer chances to increase your base stats as the game progresses.
The more difficult the thing you’re trying to accomplish is, the more difficult the check is (obviously).

Collecting more allies/artifacts during your quests and using your companions wisely can help.


Very many choices will displease one or more companions; if you want to keep some relationships high for productive purposes, you may want to pick one or two companions to essentially “sacrifice,” never doing what they want.


To win the game isn’t difficult :wink: i even fully develop the river people civilisation , in the final battle you can win without bringing in your full village force

the difficult part is romancing Keimia , which i still haven’t able to do …


Is Keimia, a romanceable character? Has anyone already figured out how to romance her?


Keimia is a romanceable character according to the code… but i haven’t figure out how to romance her, most i got is have her as friend and ally who fights with me in final battle

apparently we must somehow make her as “partner” in the relationship screen in order to romance her, but i haven’t done it yet


I’ve tried everything I can to win her over. Most I’ve been able to do is end the game with her on my side every time and reach the “I’m a damned thing” dialogue. Doesn’t matter if I work with the False Icon or against it, if I plan on leaving or staying, or how high my Valor or Charisma are.

Which is saddening. I really like Silverworld, and I was immediately taken with both Keimia and Control.


Thanks for the info, which you unfortunately spoiled it bit for me. ≥﹏≤

I was asking them in terms of personality wise. XD


Same for me and @Theguyfive_Jbra , we reach the "Damned thing " with no further romance option, theguyfive_jbra was the one who shows me the code, apparently we must make Keimia as “partner” in order to have more romamce scenes… which i haven’t able to do yet, i know after end of 2nd mission , we have option to choose who we are interested but Keimia was not there … i did make her turn on False icon in the mission to retrieve the chart once ,

now i am still searching on how to make Keimia a partner

oh… sorry for the spoiler haha :stuck_out_tongue:

i can give some description on them even though i didn’t romance them … :slight_smile:

Alexious : Started as a pragmatic merchant who put profit in his first mind, originally wanted to become a rich man upon return to Byzantium, but his near death experience changed him, he is now more kind, thinking of developing the local civilisation and embrace the nature … he will be a bit confuse and undecided at first , which your MC can play an important part to guide him to the light, definitely the best male RO :wink:

Therkho : feel bitter and vengeance after Keimia’s betrayal because they used to be together , he is your typical warrior with his own sense of “righteous” justice , sensitive and caring towards local culture and beliefs , he thinks we shouldn’t change the locals’ beliefs and culture (even though they might be fraud ) …everyone have a right to stay in their own comfort zone (even if it is a lies ), i think Therkho is sort of zealous but loyal person , he is still finding a “place” where he can call home , that’s why he won’t mind whatever decision the MC make in the end …
If you had watch "I am number four " … Therkho actually follow this poet “A place is only as good as the people you know in it. It’s the people that make the place.”


I’ve managed to get her to turn in the tabulation spire as well, where she stabbed an experiment and then ran away without attacking, but I still didn’t get past that line later in the game.

So far, I think you’re right about it being like the glitch in The Great Tournament. Either that, or the writer just didn’t feel like adding more options for that dead-end, though that seems odd given how much you can choose to flirt with her early on and are able to turn her back to the good side and have moments leading up to that dialogue. Maybe it was just something that wasn’t finished?


Did you turn Keimia in the third mission ? I notice if i perform the tabulation chart in the 2nd mission , i didn’t manage to do that…i suspect our relationship need to be >70 to do that, which i only make >70 in third mission

my initial idea was that if we can make keimia turn in the 2nd mission, then after 2nd mission, we should have Keimia as an option because Keimia already turn to the good side …but i just can’t have her to turn in the 2nd mission…

perhaps keimia only interest in true warrior with great strength ?
but yeah, feel like Keimia’s story line had too much plot line and emotion invested in it… seem a bit weird hanging like that :slight_smile:

but according to the code…there are extra lines and scenes on Keimia, what we are getting now is the non-romance line :slight_smile:


I feel like I may have turned her in the second mission, but I could be wrong about that seeing as it was a few play-throughs ago. I just remember having my relationship with her at around 76% when she gave the “I’m a damned thing” line in that play-through, and I just figured I didn’t have enough Valor.

I’ll try going through a few more times to see if I can get it to happen on the second mission. She does like for the main character to be strong, I think. In the canoe, one of the only actions she approves of is fighting directly and spearing one of the feathered apes, and you only get that look of approval when you don’t bring Control with you, from what I’ve seen anyways.

but according to the code…there are extra lines and scenes on Keimia, what we are getting now is the non-romance line :slight_smile:

Very good point. I haven’t seen the code for myself. I’ve just gone through the story about five or six times already. ^-^


Yeah in the canoe scene, Keimia will impress if we can beat apes by treating them like animal…but i check the stat , whether or not we impress her…it will still be 59 (highest) before the first mission…overall i got 76 mostly…once i got 77 with her :slight_smile:


That’s disappointing. Hopefully it’ll be fixed if it really is just a glitch. I really want the Keimia romance. T-T


It’s why I like Control. She’s actually pretty nice, if a bit on-task.


(Pieced this together from the code… I haven’t tried this myself, mind you…)

How to romance Kiemia

Her romance starts really really late, in the middle of the final battle. In the mean time, do not romance anyone else (duh).

First, recruit her.

Step 1, convince her.This can be done in two ways:

When getting the tabulation chart, tell her “you don’t have to serve the False icon”. If you have high charisma and relationship >60 with her and aren’t serving the false icon yourself, she will turn against the snake people.

In the three way standoff with Stralchus and Keimia, say “I know you don’t want any of this”, and tell her to step aside (requires 60 valor or 65 charisma, plus Keimia relationship > 60).

If you’ve done either of these, then in chapter 12, after Control says, “We should attempt at least one strike at one of our enemies while we still have the time.”, there should be the option to contact Keimia and recruit her.

In chapter 12, in the middle of fighting the ziggurat/false icon, where the other ROs have their scene:

I seek out Kiemia
Tell her how I feel (requires showing interest previously)
Pull myself up the tree
You can escape this world (requires planning to go home)

If someone makes this work, let us know :rat:


I think we can only do that in the third mission … we won’t have enough relationship with her before that, in 2nd mission i already have 70 with her and charisma 76…she won’t turn against the ophidian

This may be the key… because when i first meet False icon, i listen to him …so we must start rejecting false icon from the beginning right ?

must tell her step aside ? i fought with her together … but if she join you and betray ophidian this will be Keimia and MC together vs crowned serpent vs Stralcus

this will be the final puzzle … i don’t have "you can escape this world " option , i read that Keimia must be our partner in order to have that choice… so i think we must somehow have the option of her to be our partner before this (which i think we must get it done after mission 2 )

but i will try this out later on …thanks :slight_smile:


My mistake, edited it

You have to say exactly this:“You don’t have to serve the False Icon. Whatever mistakes you’ve made, you can stop making them. That’s true bravery.”
If it works she’ll stab the surgeon and punch a snake-person, who will then rush her.


Yeah i said that… but sometimes it won’t work :slight_smile:

i suspect it was because i listen to False Icon once, now i will reject False icon all the way …

another thing is …so i must always said i plan to go home right ? because i mostly said i want to stay and help the village … i will try all these :smile:


Alright I’ve played this game about three times now and I still haven’t found that sweet formula that will allow me to achieve my goals of

  1. Romancing Velca
  2. Giving Alexious control of nature,
  3. Maxing the river people’s society and village tech,
  4. Recruiting/saving/redeeming everyone I can

If anyone can help me with these goals I would greatly appreciate it