Silverworld -- Survive the past! Save the future!


We’re proud to announce that Silverworld, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, Android, and our new iOS Omnibus Choice of Games app. It’s 30% off until April 19th!

In a world of trackless jungles, colossal beasts, and cruel pre-human civilizations, you must survive the past if you want to save the future! You were only meant to guard the laboratory, but when a treacherous power cripples Doctor Sabbatine’s time machine, you’re left stranded! Face the savage inhabitants of Silverworld and build your own civilization—or plunder the past and return home unimaginably rich!

Silverworld is a 560,000-word interactive time-travel fantasy novel by Kyle Marquis, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You need allies to survive, but who can you trust? The locals may have already betrayed you to appease their enemies. The empress back home has ordered you to plunder this new world. Your friend survived the crash only for the jungle to infect him, transforming him into something inhuman. And the expedition’s chief adviser has imprisoned the Icons—architects of the universe, masters of time—and fled to build his own civilization.

Can you rebuild Doctor Sabbatine’s time machine and return home? You must protect your timeline, but at what cost? And after leading the people of Silverworld, will you even want to?

• Play as male, female, or nonbinary; straight, gay, bi, or ace.
• Carve out your own Stone Age nation.
• Face giant lizards, renegade airships, feathered apes, and the volcano fortress of the snake people!
• Uncover the secret history of your benefactor Doctor Sabbatine and her robot helpers.
• Confront challenges with threats or charm, overt violence or subtle tricks.
• Use modern technology to survive, or abandon it and go native!
• Protect the past from exploitation, or be the first to cash in.
• Fight the False Icon, surrender to its will, or try to trick it into granting you your heart’s desire.
• Befriend, betray, and romance robots, invincible warriors, and bee women from the Crystal Plains.
• Fight to free the Icons—the creators of the universe—or enslave them for your own ends.

You can save the future…if you can survive the past.


Remember Apple device team, for the first time (and forevermore) the iOS release has to be purchased in the Omnibus Choice of Games app.


So, since the new game “SilverWorld” came out, it means i will pull an all nighter and after that, i will let you know if the game is good in a little review :slight_smile:
Wish me luck :3


Best of luck! :love_you_gesture:

The game sounds good- I’ll give it that.

Umm, I’m playing as non-binary but I’m getting woman lines… Like, they’re telling me I shouldn’t be there for being a woman and stuff. Is that a glitch or are nb people treated like women…?

If you can, take a screenshot of an example and send it to support AT choiceofgames DOT com

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Oh wow!!..i am still reading it after purchased it yesterday… even though i haven’t finish ( i think i will get to the end soon), i just want to say that this interaction novel is simply awesome !! It took me to such a grand adventure and a sense of duty that , i never imagine it would… so here is my thought, the story and all the scenes are really well written, the pace is quick with non-stop adventure from the start …and the background setting is amazing , covering culture from all continents , i chose to come from the British Isles

there are many choices to be make, which lead to different scene or outcomes…and some of the choices are “hidden” outcome the choice i made when interacting with Keimia seem to have affected her in future events, but it was not immediately shown …i think it is good to add the mystery and drama about her, i feel that i manage to persuade her to lean back to me later on, last i check her relationship stat reach 70 with me (which this stat was not shown in the beginning)

it is not Romance heavy, but the romance is done in a unique and “neat” way… where the romance is based on our actions and interactions with our RO, and it is a journey of gaining their trust before our RO want to commit to us…i especially like the romance with Control , which is actually mind opening …control is a “singularity” mind of AI which shared by multiple and identical robot bodies …so i am romancing one mind but interacting with multiple bodies at the same time…like one scene, one of her body hug me from behind, while the other body kiss me and touch my face, this is totally some new experience about romantic scene …like Control said, she still need to think about how our relationship can proceed . But the sad part is, she won’t stay in the world with me, but she urge me to go back to Byzantium with her … i am still waiting on whether Keimia is the hidden romance option for me to stay beck with her… else i will take control’s offer to go back with her instead , these are some sample of hard decision we need to make… and Ahhhh!!! who should i choose, a kingdom of British Queen Victoria or the Byzantium Empire ??? I am still thinking…still thinking…

it all shows that not only this Title is awesome, it will have many many replay value …and i read that we can marry the Bee Queen ? how to get that option ? I did save her but do i need to save her alone ?

Anyway, Silverworld definitely worth every pennies i paid for it… :slight_smile:


Planet A future

Planet B past?

Because if we’re on planet A future and the Empress says plunder planet A’s past. " Excuse me Empress whose you’re great great great great great great grandfather? … Ah right just a moment" hope back in time and sterilizes him Sweet no more Empress

If i am not mistaken… ROs are

Control ( Female Robot )

Velca (Female Bee Healer)

Alexious (Male merchant/ plantman)

Tekho (Male Guardian)

i am hoping Keimia is a RO too, my relationship stat with her is the highest , but she never reach the end with me …will replay later, currently my love interest is Control . which has happy ending :slight_smile:

what is your ending ?

mine is to shoot down Gray mountain but didn’t capture False Icon, so both Byzantium and the Lost world prevail… i was thinking of letting Gray mountain crash in and destroy all other lives except human, so that Queen Victoria world prevail but i think Control won’t agree …

@Mary_Duffy i think there is a continuous error in the epilogue… i chose to free the Icons, but there is one paragraph written that Dr Sabbatine is talking to the Crystal with Icon captured in it my game is in my phone so i can’t print screen here…


Has anyone figured out yet how to romance Vecla? When I try, she says she’s open to it but not ready yet and then it never comes up again.

Bug reports go to support AT choiceofgames DOT com.

Does anyone know who you can romance and how?

How would you Romance the queen bee?

Well, this was one of the more bizarre CoGs I’ve read. Not in a bad way, necessarily, but maybe skirting the edge of it.

One thing that’s odd - after playing through the first time, I wanted to take a look at the game code to see what affects what, but all the post-free scenes pop up with just {“error”:“not registered”} - I know it always does that if you haven’t actually purchased the game, but it used to be that for those that are on your account, you can browse to the /scenes/ file to view its contents. Did that change?

edit: No, other, older games aren’t doing that, just Silverworld. Odd.

edit2: and…now it’s working. Maybe it had cached old versions or something, I don’t know. Good, though.

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IIRC, what happens is that you’re signed out, but it’s reading from the cache. You need to sign out and back in.

Can you romance kemia?

Since I don’t see another thread I’ll ask here, what is the estimate time at which we begin the game ? I know this is an alternate universe, but I usually can pinpoint it using some element like clothing and technology… But for some reasons on that one I just can’t (not a native speaker but usually that is not a problem)

Did you catch the reference to Queen Victoria?

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Even apart from that, yeah, the description of Byzantium in this timeline seemed pretty clearly Victorian-era.