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I didn’t get the reference no, but I’m just starting the game… And I don’t read the descriptions of the games, since I find they usually reveal some parts of the plot I would have prefer to keep a total mystery… But thanks for the answer that helps :slight_smile: (I was not trying to put it on the game, I just had a hard time understanding the precise meaning of some words)



I think once we chose an RO, we can’t romance another person, since i chose Control, Vecla won’t commit to me afterwards…

the queen woman i read earlier should be Vecla, i don’t think we could romance queen bee

the ROs are

  1. Control


You can also romance Keimia if you know how.


Anyone know what skills affect drawing


Oh thank you very much buddy :smile:

I need that information so that i am more convicted to find a way to romance Keimia , i think Teckho will hates me for that …but Keimia is truly a lovable Antagonist

But the romance with Control is not bad, one of them had gain her freedom in my first playthrough and will accompany me to where ever i go… it was still a unique experience , and she had remind me that she is a machine before i want to commit to her, Control is just too adorable

no idea actually, why draw when you can take photograph :smile:


Tried this. But the price is not adjusting for the 30% off? Just comes up as £4.99? Well unless the original price is £6.48. Bit of a strange price if it is lol


I think that’s the discounted price already. It cost around that amount in Playstore as well.


I bought it anyway. Its a big game so the works gone in for that price :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it’s 500k+ word game. That’s the discounted price. I’m sorry that it costs more in GBP, but see any number of threads on the forum about why pricing in USD isn’t a 1 to 1 currency exchange on all platforms.


Not a major glitch, but the default name for a female Persian, Amestris, has a . in it. So now everyone keeps going, “Amestris.!”


Hmm, I tried the start, and it looks like an interesting game. I’ll admit that I’m not a Steampunk fan, but the game quickly subverts and moves beyond that, so that’s good. :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how to romance Therko?


Wonderful game, and very well written.

Love the way you’ve handled RO’s as well.

as a Brit myself I couldn’t help but let the mountain fall and stay to build my own Empire in the new world…long live the queen and all that bull :slight_smile: only thing was I had been romancing control and it was all very bitter sweet…loved it


A really good game! To compare, I had a lot of fun with Empyrean but it felt a bit rushed at points. This game didn’t feel rushed and overall felt like an improvement.

Also, the Vecla romance was super. Ten out of ten would re-enact Bee Movie again.


How did you pull that romance off? It keeps stalling out for me.


Was generally friendly and called on her for advice. Then when she transforms picked the “You’re pretty!” option. Nothing special far as I could work out, maybe a glitch on your end?


Well, when I put the moves on her, she tells me she’s interested but can’t get physical right now because she’s still learning how not to fall over. Then the subject never comes up again and the game acts like I’m not in a romance.


Is there a way I can have Keimia not betray me/romance her? There’s a lot of implications she’s a RO and I think she’s the one who would work best with my PC, but I can’t figure out how to not make her turn on me.


Sorry no idea then : (


You can’t stop her from betraying you, but you can still romance her if you can flip her back to the side of good towards the end of the story.