“Face Giant lizards”
Okay that sounds cool
“Renegade airships”
I’m confused but still cool
“Feathered apes”
My biology teacher has something to explain
" and volcano fortress of the snake people"
I’m buying this game right now


So is this the first in-app new release? Wonder how it will go.

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Yes, we’re all wondering how it will go.


You know what amazes me? Kyle claims that he doesn’t do drugs. But dude, if I were a zombie per iZombie, he’d be like the first brain I’d chow down on, because there’s got to be a lot of colors going on in there.


This was the most interesting interview yet. I’m really looking forward to Silverworld.


The I-go, you-go structure described between the MC and the antagonists sounds really interesting and clever. I’m intrigued.


I am curious how it works as well… assuming both MC and antagonist have 5 actions before reaching a certain “point of event”, will the antagonist has a fixed 5 actions no matter what we do…or the antagonist’s action will change based on our decision ? :slight_smile:

and wondering whether we can become a God ourselves in Silverworld ?

Damn I missed out when this was a WiP.

I could’ve shared my dream about flying cactus insects that turns its victims into poisonous plants by stinging them with its needles. In the face. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Such a shame.

I suppose I can still buy it though.

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Choice of Games titles are not WIPS on the forum.

I wonder if there’s any news on its release . Is it out yet?

It’s still the 11th in the COG main office. You have better luck later.

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looks at the vivid colors in the pictures
Well… Based on the crazy plot and the trippy drawings, I’m so in. I’ve been curious about how the plot would be like for a while ever since I first read the short description of it in the announcements.

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When is it going to be released

Today… :upside_down_face:

It will go out on steam in 5 hours

Same tine on playstore?

No, on playstore it’s been available for download since morning here ( 6 or 7 hours).
It won’t appear in the search though. You have to visit the link on the demo available with the interview.

For those looking for it:


Silverworld, look out! Here I come to wreck things! Lol

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Any idea about the omnibus app release time?