COMING THURSDAY: "Cannonfire Concerto" - New Author Interview & TRAILER

Cannonfire Concerto is coming this Thursday!

…and a new author Interview is up with Cannonfire’s creator, Caleb Wilson.


I am very excited for this! I covet games about art and culture, and I think this is a brilliant setting.


I think is a good interview but I think you should comment something about length and replay value in the description of the interview, many people looks for that.

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So exciting! I love period pieces, especially 17th-19th century Europe - and “Meropa” looks like a fun setting. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

FYI it’s out on the Google play store.


Yeah, I have just bought it. Hope it is good.
Edit: Oh, no ANOTHER OPPOSITE STATES GAME :sob: I am done… :frowning:

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Not on the App Store though :sob:

No stats problems for me so far.

Well, I can’t be evil and I lost a day going to a tailor and I couldn’t buy anything because game is set 5 crowns and clothes cost 12 so Why gimme a damn choice that I can’t use… And I never say stats don’t work I said that are opposite so that affect for bad any play for me.

Personally, I’ve always hated opposing stats as well.
You can’t be evil??.. You’ll find a way I’m sure, :laughing:

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At this point I’m not sure if mara will ever be satisfied with how evil she can be. You could let eat childrens and she would argue that she should be allowed to eat kittens too XD


NEVER KITTENS I love cats too much. And I found how to be evil still being saint … saint vs scoundrel is not evil vs good . Game so far is good stats don’t cause continuity errors so far.

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Thats great to hear. I am definitely planning to buy this when it come out on the app store.

And I am 100% with you on the kittens. Lets just eat orphans instead.

it is a light game wigh humor and not a heavy choices fully but so far is interesting but don’t expect a deep essay about Napoleon… It is interesting the names.

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Not sure if allowed to go off topic or to create another topic to discuss this, but just curious about your lack of enthusiasm for opposite stats. : ) Does the use of them intrinsically limit the PC’s personality development in some way?

That is great to hear! Sounds like my kind of game. When I sit down to play a story I want light, not heavy. I don’t want to be stressed out.

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yes, it is a hard limit for role playing. First if opposites are bad design (not real opposite like leadership vs cunning) That makes impossible a character that is both cunning and a leader … Also divided personality in away you only could choose from A stat because any other choice would drop it making you fail each stat check. That wouldn’t bother a metagamer but it bithers a role player who choose choices based in how a character acts not if a choice is better for a stat. Opposite also short the options of making characters differents. Make games faster to make but 99% time less deep


I see your argument but personally feel that done well opposites can reinforce the importance of choice, and who you chose to be. In life you’re always acting in different ways based on the situation, no one isn’t purely, say, a liar, but lie depending on context. You don’t lie about everything in life e.g. if went to the toilet or not (unless a compulsive liar in which I’ve no personal experience to draw upon so leave it up to those with more insight). So what do you do when you’re not lying? You’re telling the truth, so both sides of your actions have to be represented. The non dominant stat having a percentage thus shows duality of character even if chose to be defined by the more dominant stat.

Also it’s setting up importance of choice from a more RL perspective, when it comes to an important choice in life, e.g. lying to elderly relative suffering from dementia about why their son who they don’t know is dying of cancer, can’t visit, what will you chose? What is better? Who knows. Neither lying or telling the truth is the “good” answer, there is no right answer when both options end in pain. You go with what you what you hope is best. And you’re reduced the very real human feeling of uncertainty and there being no clear choice screen set up with [needs 50 bluffing!].

Sorry, that was a really big ramble and just my own perspective.

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you could neither lie neither sell the truth . Live is not black vs white there are full of grays. Opposite stats negates gray and punish anything nor white or black. And if there are bad planning could lead to the spinning logic. Empyrean is a great example
Technology vs sensitivity (no sense opposite) If you start as tech you know has to lockpicking. And text says so talking about your practice in that. If you later choose sensitive you drop in technology so in only two scenes you can’t open a simple door and text says you always has been terrible with technology. In same chapter!!! thats the problems of all stats opposite opposite is good for morality not for everything


What if a game offers you choices for operating as black, white or grey?

Or one that discourages you from being too perfectionist and aiming for 100%, like if play the entire time trying to be the best liar / completely truthful, throws in choices that wishes you were more trusted or knew how to bluff, that reminds you that in life you need to adapt sometimes to situation and it’s up to you as the PC / player to discern what’s best for situation when there is no clear answer only grey. Knowing if you’re better at lying or being earnest with a quick stat screen check and going with whatever choice best suits that, is very different than knowing you’re able to be both a liar and honest, but not sure how best to use them in situation and what exact combination / ratio of lying and honesty will work.

That’s how choices work in real life, your strengths are your weaknesses and your weaknesses strengths, and it’s the situation that defines you. e.g. you’re highly emotionally intelligent, sensitive and able to negotiate, make friends easily. But at the same time you could be a people pleaser, taken advantage of and no one knows the real you as always showing the best side to suit them. Or you could be an anxious nervous over worrier but brilliant at planning, thinking of every single little detail. Or sometimes your personality traits differ with different ppl and then clash when those ppl meet, and you get that awkward balancing act of trying to fit both yourselves into situation.

But I guess not everyone would find such a game fun…