Silverstone - needing some testers for CScomp


Hey community, so I don’t think I’ll have time to write all the scenes I want done before the deadline and get it tested so I have decided to test what I have so far. If you have the time and patience to have a read and give some feedback, please hit me up. By feedback I mean something in more detail than “I like this a lot” or “I hated everything”. Give me a why! Thanks in advanced.


I volunteer :raised_hand:


I volunteer to the exemplary unscrupulous experimentation of your videous entertainment competition entry.


@Cecilia_Rosewood, I thought you were a judge


I kinda accidentally volunteered as one and then withdrew before the beginning of May, so no. I rather wanted to be a participant.


@Doctor you gave me a mini heart attack just now o_O"

Thanks for clearing that up quickly @Cecilia_Rosewood. I have sent the link to you and @faewkless


@Silverstone, don’t worry: I’m a doctor.


If you still need another tester, I’d be happy to help.


Thank you for offering your assistance. I’ll send you the link shortly. Just updating it now.


Lol. What if I told you I rarely trust doctors :open_mouth:


@Silverstone, don’t worry: I’m not a doctor? Just possibly maybe a doctor


If you still need some testers then I volunteer.


@Doctor lol alright I’ll take that.

@Asi_Cason YES! I do still need testers. I will send you a pm with the link.


If you still need testers I would love to be one


Yes I do thank you! I have sent you the link.


I would like to take part too!


Hi @Keira, thank you for your offer. Yes I still do need some testers. I’ve just got to fix a few things and then I’ll send you through a link. Thanks :slight_smile:


Okay, thank you to all volunteers who gave feedback. I will be polishing the last bits and sending my entry in shortly. (Busy Friday ahead of me so this is the only time I have to do it.)

Thanks again everyone :smile:


Hi all testers. I’m currently working on some art and I need some feedback on what I have so far and on some design ideas. Anyone interested in taking a look? Let me know and I’ll make a private thread. Thanks for the help :smiley:


Sure why not.
Everybodies a critic right?