mika_ce: Beta testers needed on CScomp entry


I’m working on my entry to CScomp and I would like to hear some feedback on my story. I would be thrilled especially for people who can catch a misspelled words and grammar mistakes since English isn’t my native and I’m sure I made some mistakes.
I think I will launch first tests tomorrow for general opinion since I don’t have that much of a content right now. I’m going to need people who can test it till the end of May (that’s how long comp will last).
If you’re interested or have questions, please PM me or write here and I will add you to private thread where I can reveal more.


I can help with spelling errors and so and so
(English is my native language)


I’ve got plenty of time and an English major. I’d be happy to help.


I can help with typos and vocabulary :smile:


Count me in. Would be happy to help.


Thank you. I’ve created the thread and added you all :wink:


Sure, already done :wink:


I’d be happy to help, English is my native language and I’m extremely pedantic so finding spelling and grammar mistakes is something of a hobby of mine.


I would love to. I’m fine with spelling errors and gramatical errors. :smile:


I was born and raised in the United States, so English is my first language. I would love to help you.