Silent Gear (WIP with playtest link)


The game has been published, and the play test link has been removed.



You’ve just linked the IDE, if you want to show your game, you’ll need to host it elsewhere - you can find suggestions and instructions here: : )

Oh, and if you’re using the IDE to make the game, please keep copy/pasting and backing it up locally too - the save system uses your browser’s local storage, which is easily (accidentally) wiped.


Compile your game, upload just the compiled .html file (ignore everything else) and grab its share link.

Once you have the link to download it, replace “www.” with “dl.” and “” with “”, so you can get a link similar too: (that’s just an example though - it doesn’t actually work).


Thank you CJW, I got it to work finally! Please try out my game =)


@Zanity, managed to get Dropbox to work?
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Surely Heaven waits for youu”


Hi Doctor, yes I manage to get the dropbox to work. Thanks again


@Zanity i like what you have so far and hope to see more


I really liked what you got so far it was awesome can’t wait to see how it develops


Thanks guys, any feed back would be greatly appreciated as I’ve just started scripting with this program.


The concept is really interesting so far, I can’t wait to see more :D!


So, I figured I would share my two cents. Just want to first say congrats on your first game and good luck because I’m curious to see where you will take the story. It kinda reminds me of Deus ex meets Halo, you know with the augmentations and such, so where could it go wrong. Anywho, look forward to checking in on the game every so often instead of studying :smiley: .


Haha, yes I definitely got my inspirations from those titles, as well as Tom Clancy and probably Modern Warfare, I just did a decent size update to the game, added much of the background story, so check it out again when you have time =)


I like it so far. Are you considering adding in a gender option at all?


This may or may not be kind of nitpicky, but “mankind has reached the pinnacle of technology” 44 years from now? You know pinnacle means like, the ultimate top right? Like, there isn’t anything above it. Just seems either extremely implausible or like you didn’t know what pinnacle means. Also, you made a typo in your spelling of pinnacle. I haven’t gotten past that part yet, but it really stuck out to me.


i can re word my sentence on that one. i do believe mankind can reach the pinnacle of technology in 44 years for what is capable of the human brain. The next step that should involve would be alien technology to push us forward. And yes, I do know what Pinnacle means or else I wouldn’t have used it.


What do you think is the pinnacle of technology then? I mean… it’s not like we haven’t been advancing for thousands of years. Sure it’s been faster lately, but where do you propose it ends?


I’m envisioning thread derailment - If you guys want to discuss what the pinnacle of technology is, feel free to PM one another or start a new thread, but I don’t think anyone will benefit from you bouting it out here.


It seems like a potentially important aspect of the game. If Zanity wants to talk about it is it really a problem? I’m not telling his game sucks or something. I’m just trying to offer feedback.


What I mean is, for what mankind is capable of achieving without outside influence, for example, without alien intervention, mankind would not be able to advance technology in space travel, therefore, it can be considered as a pinnacle of what mankind is able to achieve. I agree with CJW regarding going off topic, I don’t think there’s a point to debating this topic further as it doesn’t relate to the story, I believe most people would understand what I’m trying to say, but thank you for pointing out the spelling mistake.


Well, I completely disagree with you for several reasons, and really can’t imagine where you’re coming from, but if you don’t want to talk about it then I’ll leave it at that.