"Siege of Treboulain"—Defend your magical city from invaders!

Wow, thank you so much! I’ll have to make the time soon to listen to that whole interview, but I did watch the first few minutes just now, and I am profoundly relieved to discover that I’ve been pronouncing “Treboulain” correctly in my head all this time.


Oh, this will be fun to watch and read! Thankee.

…and, unlike @AletheiaKnights , I did not pronounce it correctly. I sounded way too French. I’m not French. I don’t even speak French.


Ha! There’s no wrong way to say it, in my opinion. Personally, I kinda like when people put their own spin on things, and - to make a broader point - I think the beauty of text adventures is that you leave a lot of room for individual interpretation.

But maybe I’m just covering my butt, because I’ve probably pronounced ‘Treboulain’ in like 3 different ways myself.


Either sound like a great option to me!

Okay, I may have lied just a little bit. I definitely pronounced it like a French word when I first saw it in the Upcoming Releases post. But by the time it actually came out, my pronunciation had taken a turn for the … anglophonic? Is that even a word? I pronounced it more Englishly, which probably isn’t a word either, but you get the gist.


close! Linguistic anglicisation is a thing whereby loanwords can be altered in spelling or pronunciation to better match the rest of the english language

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Oh, duh, Aletheia, you know that word!

Thanks for helping me talk more gooderer.

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of course! I love words and telling other people about them, although I realize it often comes off snooty and pedantic :sweat_smile:

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Same here! Snooty pedants for the win! (And that’s peh-dants, not pee-dants, thank you very much.)

I’ve personally been pronouncing it “treh-bo-lann” out loud but “treh-bo-lenn” in my head. Incidentally, I am both French and English in descent.

I got the letters confused and thought it was treloubain this whole time.

I’m not sure what kind of pronounciation it would be, but I always pronounced it ‘treh-boo-lane’.

Since I guess this is the topic now, I have been pronouncing it as /ˈtɹɛ.bu.ˌleɪ̯n/ which in my idiolect is realized as [ˈt̠ɹ̠̥ɛ.bʏ.ˌlɛjn].