Kingdom of Dragons on Kickstarter and The Siege of Treboulain on sale!

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We’re thrilled to announce that Jed Herne, author of our popular game The Siege of Treboulain, has a new novel coming out, and you can back it now on Kickstarter. To celebrate, we’re putting The Siege of Treboulain on sale until November 16th!

Kingdom of Dragons: An Epic Fantasy Novel

A dragon rider seeking vengeance. A spy on a crusade of destruction. And two nations on the brink of war.

Zora has dreamed of revenge ever since a Sunwarden killed her father. When she saves a town from bandits alongside her fellow rangers, and discovers a dragon egg, she might finally get her chance.

After dragons killed Rovan’s best friend, he vowed to destroy them all. Apprenticing himself to a Sunwarden, he steals an egg and infiltrates Alegium – the floating city of the dragon riders – to destroy it from within.

But as Zora and Rovan train their dragons, master new magic, and grow closer together, they will question everything they once knew.

When the chance comes to take their vengeance, how will they deal with the weight of their past?

Back Kingdom of Dragons on Kickstarter until November 30th! And don’t forget to get The Siege of Treboulain for 30% off until November 16th!


That’s so cool! Congrats and good luck with the Kickstarter, @JedHerne!

Siege of Treboulain is a ton of fun, an epic fantasy with tough choices, fascinating lore, and compelling characters - I really enjoyed it. I’d definitely recommend getting it on sale if you haven’t played it yet!


Wait, so do you have to play as one of those two characters or do we still get to make our own? Edit: Oh, I’m guessing this is not an IF games like most of the games on this site?

Yep, it’s a novel :slight_smile:


To confirm, this isn’t something Choice of Games is publishing at all, we just like to announce when our authors have cool things of their own coming out :slightly_smiling_face:


I wished we had more dragon related IF games though. Going to be rude, so sorry whichever author worked on it, but Choice of the Dragon sucked in my opinion. When I first played the demo, I was expecting some serious, dragon gameplay involving defending my lair from a malicious demon or dragon and starting or getting involved in a war with or against other races or basically just being like Smaug. Instead I got a comedy. Haven’t played Dragon Racer but don’t see the point of thinking of buying it since the author gave up on a sequel for it and didn’t felt like fixing the world building plot holes and other stuffs that I heard about.

Now I did play other IF games that did have draconic elements like The Lost Heir, The Keeper series, The Soul Stone War, and The Last Wizard. But I’m still looking for a good dragon themed IF game from CoG or HG. I’m still holding out hope for “Dragon Chronicles” and “The Unforeseen Flame” getting completed and released.


I’m really glad most people disagree with you, because Choice of the Dragon was CoG’s first game, and its success is the reason this company exists.


I don’t mind that most people disagree with me. And again to whoever worked on it, I’m sorry. It just wasn’t my kind of game. I like comedy sometimes, just not when the whole thing is comedy and I’m really passionate about dragons so I kinda take things seriously when dragons are involved. It’s a flaw in me.


Interesting stuff indeed!
I’m a huge fan of Jed’s Siege of Treboulain, the novel was very well written and it was the best I’ve seen regarding interactive novels these years no small praise, so I am sure there is a lot of promise going on for this new novel.

Thing is my kickstater investment this month has already been given(and it was a success), a good €1000 euro to Our life now and forever, such a unique customisable slice of life experience was just too good for me to pass up.

Hopefully Kingdom of Dragons gets its due and we all can share our thoughts here soon!


As I am currently a bit tight on money is only the chapter unlocking on sale or is also the cheat function of the game on sale too?

Thanks for letting us know about this! I’m a great fan of Siege of Treboulain and I’m excited to support Mr. Herne and see what his non-interactive fiction is like!

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Thanks Hannah! I’m rather partial to Siege of Treboulain myself… (Absolutely no bias from me, though)


Thanks Aletheia! I appreciate the support :slight_smile:

Oh, and there may be a character from Siege of Treboulain who also happens to show up in Kingdom of Dragons…so I think you’ll enjoy the easter egg.


You’re welcome, and now I’m even more excited than ever!

Oh, and thanks for answering my question on the Kickstarter.

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Thanks so much for sharing this! Kingdom of Dragons has been an amazing story to write, and I can’t wait to share it with the rest of you. My goal was the capture all the nostalgic joy of the dragon rider stories I grew up reading, while putting a modern spin on things. My early readers seem to think this worked out great!

The Kickstarter page also has a free sample of the first two chapters, so if you’re curious to learn more about the story, that’s a great way to test it out.

And for fans of Siege of Treboulain … there might just be a key character who also makes an appearance in Kingdom of Dragons. Don’t worry, you’ll know it when you read it :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries!

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I hope you don’t mind if I ask here, are the other three books all entirely stand-alone, or are they connected at all by settings or characters?

Thats so cool! Always nice to see cool content thats unrelated to IFs, shows the person’s writing ability is great. :slight_smile:

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Across the Broken Stars, Fires of the Dead, and The Thunder Heist are all stand-alone, although The Thunder Heist takes place in the same universe as Kingdom of Dragons and Siege of Treboulain (just on a different world).



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