Expansions / Add-ons for Siege of Treboulain by Jed Herne

Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for the amazing response to Siege of Treboulain! I’ve been blown away by all the great reviews, and by the sheer number of players who’ve gone through the game. After writing it for 2 years, this really means a lot!

A lot of players have asked if there will be a sequel. I’ve got no plans for this (currently), but I am considering writing some add-ons / expansions to add new dimensions to the game (similar to what Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale did). At this stage, I’m thinking of adding some cheats (allowing you to make the game easier or harder), along with potentially some new story content.

What kind of add-ons would you be interested in? What parts of the story do you wish the game explored in more detail? Let me know down below!


More history and lore! Yes, I know there’s tons of that in there already. No, I haven’t discovered it all yet. I still want more. In particular, I’d love to know more about the Cultivator and arborturgy.

I think some optional side quests could be fun. And there could be a few different ones, which could be triggered at different points in the game by different states and stats, so different playthroughs might feature totally different side quests.

It might be interesting to have flashbacks, like the ones with Markov, featuring the other major NPCs. My favorite thing about this game is the worldbuilding, but the characters are a close second. Expanded interactions with them, in particular exploring their relationship with the PC in a time of peace and safety, would be absolutely delightful and make the (already excellent) scenes of romance and friendship even more poignant.


I loved the entire thing, played through multiple times trying out a variety of things.

I would say the one thing I would have been interested in seeing is and ending where some form of romantic reconciliation with Markov is possible. It could have just been expectations of “this is where I thought it was going” but after like, halfway through I totally thought that there would be an option to politically marry Markov as a part of the “lets end the siege” negotiations.


This all sound like so much fun!


It would be great to see an expansion on the Azane Rebellion and the role of our character in it including a scene or two showing Markov’s interactions with the “voice”.


Being able to get back with Markov is definitely the first thing to mind, I don’t mind if it’s through some specific/hard requierements like; “being previous lovers , beating her army while staying in an overall in good shape and getting her to accept defeat through whatever it was that made them fall for us in the ifrst place”


What about artifacts and relics. Extend the lore and story of the Wyrm Beneath. Expand on how you manage the wall, kingdom, and military, with more options and upgrades. And also expand the lore of the Political Rival and the storyline. Basically, anything that has story, lore, and game mechanic potential can be expanded


I was never one of the people who wanted to romance Markov, but an obscurely specific route like this actually sounds pretty cool.


We definitely could use more scenes/interactions with side characters especially advisor and the thief kid.

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I would love a cheat mode. With the way i play stories like this a cheat mode would be incredibly useful. Whenever something bad happens and i fail a check I almost always completely restart from scratch just to pick one that works. Being able to succeed without having to constantly be checking my stats would be nice.


Im just playing through the game for the second time so Im sure there are things I have yet to see but I do think there are quite a few things kinda left out in the open, im sure that is mainly intentionally but if you do not plan a sequel, Im sure many would appreciate side stories, side quests or post epilogue chapter flashing stuff out. As others said, more in depth dive into the lore, which is quite exquisite, would definitely be welcome and more flashbacks and aditional content with Markov would certainly spice up any other playthroughs.
Im sure this would be hard but if you play your cards right maybe we can discover more about the voice and help her deal with it, from what little we found out I assumed it was either one of the dreadknights or more likely the All Emperror or whatever her title was somehow slinking back, maybe a route where you risk your throne and even she risks her leadership to hash out peace and save/build your relationship, something along those lines.

Beyond that, more unique content for the romances, maybe rearange some of the interactions to show its growth a bit better? The kingdom management part of the game is stellar and so is the reputation management, but I think the relationship management kinda makes the romances suffer a bit as all the characters have to be possible “traitor” (in regards to Pekka) yet all of them are available for further exploration during your free nights and all seems fine etc. It makes the relationships seem a lot more artificial than the rest of the game, tho I dont really know how to improve this bar separate “reputation interactions” from romantic ones a bit more and provide you with options to actually go out of your way and show interest or receive interest from someone, most likely based on your past and personality.

I would love answers as to who invited Pekka, I know its most likely his ploy, and the drop in reputation and no follow up (to my knowledge) supports this, but I would love to know more, iv yet to do a playthrough with less reputation than him but I will because my warrior based character will not want to play his game, just kill him at the end of it when he finally plays his cards, so im looking forward to that.

And last, but absolutely not least, more Tevi, just more of her, let us invite her into the citadel, adopt her or something, she is super likeable in the few interactions we have and the sudden end to her storyline is probably the only thing in the game that actively irked me. I actively anticipated her having a larger part in the plot and im assuming that was your plan for the future but again if that will not materialize, I really want some more closure, we cant just leave her hanging. Answers about her Arboturgical powers and such, the importance of her eyes, how is she dealing with the death of her friend and what are her plans for the future, all of that would be lovely to know and I think this would probably be the easiest thing to expand on.

Anyways, thanks for your hard work, its a great read and a lot of fun, good job :slight_smile:

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