"Siege of Treboulain"—Defend your magical city from invaders!

Can you describe the add-on? What exactly is in it?

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A cheat menu on the stats page, as well as a hints and achievements guide.

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How i can use cheats

You have to buy the add-on, then select the cheats you want from the cheat menu.

On android

Yep, exactly


At the theater with the merchant leader, what is achieved from picking one of the plays? Do they give you different stat boosts? Story info?

I chose Saphira romance for my playthrough. But the Cultivator was against our union, and while I was almost perfect passing the game, I failed all events related to her. At first I almost fell from the world tree to death, then I couldn’t peacefully resolve the dispute of the order and in the end I couldn’t save her… Go to hell, Cultivator.
Well, I failed to save her even with Legen-cheet-mode. It was relly infuriating. Only 3 options to save her. 1 - Humble. 2 - Intimidating. 3 - Use your body. I thought that 3rd variant about dexterity or somthing like that, but no, its failed even with all traits on 80%. And so I restarted again and go Humble path. Well, whatever.

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Is there any way to romance more than one character? I mean, just imagine what an awesome trio of wives you could make!

Nope. No Harem.

i kinda enjoy that the religious group here isnt mustache twirlingly evil like some real life ones or other fictional ones. my familys pretty religious and it can be kinda tiring to see “religion bad” all the time (love the band bad religion tho)


Yeah. Like, I hate fundies as much as the next person but seeing every religion be corrupt or sinister, or every priest being a fundamentalist is so tiring that I almost groan any time I see it at all.


yeah this was a nice change of pace from the self righteous lying pricks like the churches of choice of magic or golden rose that have like one or two decent people of faith with the rest being jerks. rare to see it the other way around like the cultivator dudes. helps that the big c actually intervenes sometimes too

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In the title ‘Siege of Treboulain’ that I am attempting to obtain all of the achievements in, the achievements section of the title suggests that the Pruners v. Broadners ‘Dispute About Arbotourgy’ which become’s a rather pressing and prevalent issue during the later part’s of story development is able to be settled peacefully, and I am unable to settle the argument without violence breaking out between Mother Colhort and the Pruners v. Father Alder and the Broadners after the last section of the set of challenge’s that the parties participate in to prove that their argument is the argument that should be honered by the other member’s of ‘The Order’ as it is referred to, the group who worships ‘The Cultivator’ and practice’s arbotourgy as their main abilities.

I attempted to support the neutral party that is placed among the Pruners and the Broadners as a control group, and the dispute still resulted in violence and volatile aggression between parties towards the end of the story, the same (of course) happening when I attempt to support either the Pruners and Mother Colhort or the Broadners and Father Alder, resulting in the other side being angered and the Pruners attacking the Broadners or the Broadners attacking the Pruners.

Is there anyone who can offer be advice or step’s to unlock this achievement by settling the dispute between the Pruners and Mother Colhort vs. the Broadners and Father Alder in a peaceful and prosperous manner, rather than the violent and volatile disputes?

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Is there a reason the cheats aren’t working? Just purchased the option, and everytime I activate one (boosted stats for example) and go back to the story the stats are reset to their previous (pre-cheat influenced boost) statistic. The games fully updated, so is all of my phones software. Any useful input would be helpful.
( Ive already uninstalled and re-installed the game as well as restarted multiple times)

EDIT: Thanks to the awesome and quick advice provided, I’ve gotten the cheats to work. Can’t wait to finally read this story now!

With the way the cheats currently work, once you’ve made your changes and returned to the game, you need to move at least one page forward in the game before you check the stats screen again for your changes to save. If you do that, they should work correctly. If they’re still not working that way, please write in to support@choiceofgames.com with more details and we’ll investigate.

(We know this isn’t ideal, it’s on our list of things to improve.)

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