� showing up in my saves

Recently, I noticed that some of the letters not in the English alphabet in my Choice of Romance saves have been replaced by �. This didn’t happen when I played with those same saves before and it doesn’t happen to those letters when I start a new game. I have tested this on multiple devices so I am sure it is something wrong with the saves themselves.

Has anyone else experienced this, either in CoR or any other game that has words including non-English-alphabet letters? Does anyone know the reason why this has happened or if it can be fixed?

I would be most thankful if anyone is able to answer any of these questions.

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I think that’s something to do with encoding. When saving a Text Document, you’ll want to click “Save As”, then, at the bottom of the options, next to the save button, you’ll see a list of options titled “Encoding”. I think “ANSI” is the default, but you don’t want that. You’ll want to save all your titles as “UTF-8” … No idea what any of it means, but it works. :blush:

Edit: Sorry, I thought you meant that this was occurring in a game you were working on. If it’s happening in another game, then I’m afraid I have no idea why. :confused:

Oh yeah, same thing happens when you try different kind of formatting while coding your game. It must be in UTF-8 otherwise those weird signs pop up.
Edit in response to edit: Oh, you deceived me into believing otherwise!

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It is an encoding thing, not sure there’s anything us as end-users can do about it. Need to poke CoG support and let them know so they can adjust the save-game code accordingly.

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