Are there any issues with using unusual characters (like Greek letters or letters with accents on them?)

I just had a thought, I’ve used words in a few places in Oedipus which use atypical (for English) letters. I know that formatted apostrophes (like you get in word) and the like have been known to mess up choicescript. Are there likely to be issues with having Greek letters or letters with accents in a published game? They look fine in the when tested on my computer (and don’t have the little diamonds for unknown characters like I’ve seen for other things that aren’t working properly,) but just thought I should check in case I need to change them for this one/avoid using them in future projects.

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I think if all your text files are saved as UTF-8 then you should be fine?


Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

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Afaik, if your device can’t render the letters, it will mess up the text at your end.

But I think accents are fine.


Can anyone confirm this? I’d like to mention the Kármán line in my next game.

I have never had any problem with nonstandard characters.

I have æ, st, and ñ in my upcoming game, and they work fine. Not Greek, but the principle should be the same.

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I didn’t run into any problems with Oedipus either.

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