Non-standard characters in text?

Does anybody know whether the more non-standard text work okay when published?

Could I have something like “café” or “chéri” or even “Tûk” or “Ör?” Does things need to be coded in any particular way if I can, or is it just like normal text?

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I am dealing with this issue as well.

I have tried using and cutting and pasting from – but neither work very well for me.

It’s annoying. Sometimes cutting and pasting in works, and sometimes it doesn’t, and I can’t quite figure out why.

Non-standard characters don’t usually present a barrier to publishing, but it’s noteworthy that not every device will render them correctly. They should render Roman characters with diminutives correctly, but even that can be overridden if they are using a non-standard font. (Pretty sure that’s the right terminology, but correct me if I’m wrong.)

The further you get from standard Roman characters though, the more likely it is to appear broken. (e.g. Samurai of Hyuga includes some kanji as alternate title names that regularly appeared as block error characters for users with no Japanese fonts installed.)

Do make sure your game is encoded in a UTF-8 format though. (It should always be UTF-8, but it’s more likely to come up as a problem if you use non-standard characters.)

@Gower Alt codes in both Notepad++ and Sublime work for me. My files even have a line at the top for an alt codes I’ll need.