Short Story (Oceans Call). Complete

Hi Everyone,
I’ve had this one sitting on my computer for a while but wanted to get Oedipus Rex done first. As Oedipus is (hopefully) in its final testing/editing stages I thought I would put this one up. I’m currently looking for some beta testers. If anyone would like to have a read and let me know what you think it would be very much appreciated. Much like my other short story (Lost Ones ) this one came out of playing around with ideas to include in Abysm’s veil. I need to keep the length down, so can’t add a lot of extras to it. (It needs to remain a short story. Anyone who’s seen my WIP list knows why :smile: ) Thanks in advance!

This game features colour changes between screens, some of which are quite sharp and go from dark to light or vise versa. In the future an option to turn this off will be added, but in the mean time if you have any medical conditions that might be adversely affected by this, please be advised that they occur in this game.

Story done :smile:. Thanks for the support and feedback!


Spelling errors

The cold wind blowing fitfully as dusk falls; the waves crashing towards the shore ahead of the oncomming storm.


and bringing them seems feeling of wrongness today that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Sends a

Already tireing,


to your dismay the bay beyond the surf is no more pleasent


Gradually the lights of the town creep closer and clhser,


It has all but hibinated


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All of the sudden color changes were pretty hard on my eyes. If you could give a warning about that for people who might be prone to epilepsy (I am not, but just saying) and an option to turn that off it would be great.


@Bugreporter thanks for finding all the spelling errors! I could have sworn I ran the spell check through this after the last edit I made. (My spelling is terrible as you can see.) I’ll change them :slight_smile:

@Carlos I didn’t even think about epilepsy (I always thought it was more flashing lights but going from dark to light could be a trigger. Might not be good for migrane sufferers either come to think of it). I can go though and add an *if tag to the colour changes I think so you can turn them off at the start. In the meantime until I do that, I’ll add a warning to the top post.


WB @Jacic - Thought I’d get in before your post :smile:


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Hi everyone, this story has had a fairly decent rework done to it over the last few months and was just sitting there so I figured I should just get it finished. (One WIP down… 6 or something to go but who’s counting?) Anyway I think it’s done apart from a few more passes to make sure it’s all working properly.

Thank you to @Carlos.R and @Bugreporter for the feedback! I was going to list you both as testers when I decide where to place this. If you’d prefer not to be listed, or listed under a different name to your forum one, please let me know :slight_smile:

Can I also ask if anyone sent me feedback for this game by PM? I really thought there was some, but can’t find it again. It’s possible I’ve become mixed up with a different WIP as many of the changes were done months ago, but please let me know otherwise.


Please credit me as: Oliver “Bugreporter” Stevenson-Hoare :slight_smile:


@Bugreporter Sure thing :slight_smile:

Thanks @Eiwynn!

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No credit is needed, but thank you for the consideration. :slight_smile:

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