Ocean's Call is live at Sub-Q

Hi eveyone! I’ve had a short story published by Sub-Q called Ocean’s Call. It’s my second story to be published there, (the first being Lost Ones ) and is another ocean based fantasy genre game from me coded in choicescript. It has a few different endings to explore, so venture into the water and see if you can discover what secrets lurk in the depths if you dare :shark:

If you like this game (or one of the many others published by Sub-Q including a few by COG authors,) it’d be fantastic if you’d consider registering on the site to leave a comment or sharing links to the games around. All the stories are completely free to read, although you can donate to the site to help support it if you wish. If you have any comments about the story, please let me know :octopus:


A lot of my short games start off originally as side stories when I get ideas for the larger ones I’m working on that don’t quite fit in. I’ll leave it to you guys to guess at how and where this one originated from :zipper_mouth_face: (Which may be a bit hard as there’s a lot storyboarded/only partially written for a few of my WIP’s that hasn’t made it up onto the forums yet!)


Nice one for sure.i played your previous one too before.

Why do not you make them with cog or hosted games? I mean i heard writers get paid some money enough for a small vacation.so i guess $1000 or 2000. How do you manage to do it without any money at all?any good reason?

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Thank you for sharing this! It was very atmospheric, and surprised me with how different it was on multiple playthroughs. The colour changing and fade was lovely. (Have you played Tangaroa Deep by Astrid Dalmady? I feel you might like it!)

I can’t speak for @Jacic, but I’ve sold interactive short stories to sub-Q myself - they pay a very respectable short story market rate, and because of the low wordcount limit, it’s a smaller time to money ratio than a long project like a Choice of Games or Hosted Games project. It’s also good to put more work out there while working on a big project, so the world doesn’t forget you exist!


Ahh thank you. I thought it was free. Knowing how long it takes to write and some times cost of asking others for help.

Appreciate your answer.can you tell me which one you wrote.i would like to give it a try

Hi Sophia, thanks for the nice comments :smile:. As HannahPS has already said, SubQ do pay their writers, I think their site runs mainly on donations to keep it going.

As to why Sub-Q rather than HG for these two, I like writing and reading short games as well as longer ones, and HGs have to be at least 30k words. (And the people at SubQ are also really nice, just like those from COG :slight_smile: )

@HannahPS has written a few including Teeth and Ice (my fav), nine moments in fairy land (and other one which I can’t remember the name of off the top of my head sorry!)

Thanks Hannah!

Yes I have. I thought it was very good :slight_smile: