Lost Ones Short Story is Live :)


Hi eveyone! Although it doesn’t seem to be visible on the homepage over at Sub-Q yet, my short story “Lost Ones” is live and available to play if you follow the link. It’s set in the same universe as Abysm’s Veil (but is written quite differently) so if anyone would like a rusalka fix while I’m getting that story finished, I’d love it if you’d consider taking a look at this one.

Lost Ones

If you’d like to see more stuff like this from me or choicescript short stories in general, it’d be fantastic if you’d consider leaving a comment on Sub-Q, otherwise I’d love to hear any feedback here on what you thought of it.

While you’re there, there’s heaps of other short stories to check out as well. They’re all completely free to read (although they do appreciate donations or subscriptions to help keep the site running.) I haven’t had a chance to read them all yet but already I’ve found a few favorites with After the Giant’s War, Salt, Teeth and Ice, and Lyreless :slight_smile:

Big thank you goes out to @adrao, @Carlos.R, @Eiwynn, @Fiogan and @Sylvie for testing this for me.



I’m sure this will be the first of many - your talent in writing always shows through, no matter the format.

:two_hearts: <- cuz we luv u. :smile:


Aww thanks Eiwynn! :hugs:

Wow that’s so good, can’t wait for the main story! *throws money at the screen

though I have to ask, what’s up with you and Rusalka? :stuck_out_tongue:


That was amazing, and terrifying.

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@Starwish_Armedwithwi and @COGZealot Thank you both! Glad you liked it :smile:

@Starwish_Armedwithwi Haha I don’t really know, I think they’re pretty interesting to write about though. I guess maybe I spend too much time swimming off the coast of Australia and have developed a fascination for potentially dangerous water creatures?

Read this a few days ago. The rusalka here definitely seem more dangerous than those in the Abysm’s Veil, for some reason.

I see… so dolphins are dangerous, then. Noted.

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Especially the sharp toothed variety yes XD

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