Short game concept demo: Gate


To take a break from my current WIP, I made a short ‘Concept Choice Game’ with an idea that popped into my head. It’s very, very short - 1500 words or so - but I wanted to put it here and see what people think of the idea. Maybe if I ever get really sick of working on my main WIP, I’ll take a look at this again.

The concept: In rural America some guy discovers a portal to another world. Nobody believes him but you, so you have to go through and explore yourself if you want to do it at all. Maybe you want to become rich and famous for discovering it. Maybe you’re excited for all the scientific discoveries you can make. Maybe you just want to explore a fantasy world.

WARNING: Written while half-asleep. I probably managed to squeeze in plot holes and inconsistencies even in just 1500 words.

Let me know what you think:


So far it is really interesting, it feels a bit like journey to the center of the earth


This is pretty cool kond of reminded me pf journey to the center of the earth kind of.


It may have the potential to be a good idea, but I’ll wait patiently for less sleep-induced content before I make my final judgement. :no_mouth:

Still, I’m a sucker for anything that’s fantastical in the slightest, so I’ll track this.


So we couldn’t fit a trunk through the cave, but we were driving on the other side?

What you have is interesting


Dune buggy is a smaller vehicle than a truck.


You got me. I’m very impressed by that you wrote this when you were half asleep. Another WIP I will be keeping a track of.

Also, I love the idea of Faries. Makes the whole world very mystical to me.


@crotale, in that case, my apologies. I misread: thought it said ‘trunk’ as in like a chest


Did you watch outbreak company or gate. I haven’t played the game yet but base in the description is very similar.

PS those anime are based on a LN
PPS. If your curious here’s a link.


Actually, those were a significant part of my inspiration :slight_smile:


Well then I’m definitely following this game.