Shawn_Patrick_Reed: CScomp beta testing now closed! Thank you everyone!

My third and final round of beta-testing for CScomp has finally begun, and I am seeking to gather up every possible tester that I can because there are SO many possible story routes. There’s a lot of game to cover. Because I need a large volume of testing for this final version, I’ll take anyone new that wants to help.

Be forewarned, the material has adult content! (Yes, there is definitely adult content! said with veritable Samuel L Jackson voice) You have been warned!

If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve got so far, please volunteer- this will be the final version open to beta testers, and any edits will go in before the CScomp entry- my goal of finishing the first chapter is clearly in sight, and any additional time I have will be spent adding flavor and more ‘easter eggs’. I am especially in need of people to point out any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors -anywhere- within my story! (though please note, spoken word by characters may not be ‘spoken’ with proper English) Additionally, improperly clumped paragraphs, PLACEHOLDER messages (there should not be any), and inconsistencies with what’s happening in the story. Like, running a hand through your hair if you have super short hair. (as an example) I am also highly interested in opinions from anyone who does multiple playthroughs on how content changes, and personal opinions in general. Though, please send all information to me via PM rather than posting it here. Because of the rules of the CScomp, I’m keeping my game ‘on the hush’ until after the judging is done and I can open it up as an official WIP.

EDITS: Awaiting the beginning of third and final beta test. Scour the routes, dear testers! Scour the routes!
Found some things and have done a recompile.
Fixed skipping some important story after you tell Sonya to run.
Fixed awkward name swapping when staying with David.

This month CSComp Outline:
Stats - finished
Character introductions - finished
(this is the first compilation)
Small scene with a bad-mannered character - finished
Part where you get to choose what you do several times (time progression!) - finished!
Meal scene - finished! (but I may add more if I have time)
Another part where you choose what you do several times - (merged with first part) finished!
(second compilation point will be here)
Short bit regarding the arrival there - done
And yet another part where you choose how to spend your time - finished!
Turning point scene- first major story branch and use of CScomp theme - done!
4 different -actual- endings! - done! (bonus, yo!)
(this will be the third compilation point, and goal to have reached for the CScomp entry)

Note of the day: Time to turn the story in! You all have helped me in countless ways; and without you I would probably be turning in a buggy story. With your help, I’ve taken care of a lot of major bugs. It’s time for me to turn in what I have… and then, hey, I can continue working on more of the story! :wink:


I’ll volunteer if you’ll have me. I’m pretty good with complex games.

Just checking to see if you got my message with the link in it. I’m new to the messaging system here.

Received. 20 characters.

What do you mean, Zane? Is it giving you a prompt for 20 different character names? I ran into that problem trying to play someone else’s WIP, and wasn’t sure why…

There should be actual game…

For newer members of the forum there is a 20 character minimum limit to forum posts to avoid spam. He is simply filling this limit.

While I’m here, I would also be interested in helping you out as long as I know what specifically you’re looking for in regards to the testing.

I have a url link that one tester has confirmed to work, now.

Thank you, each of you, for helping me get it sorted.

I’m in
Time to write more notes
(Good thing they are all electronic)

I would love to! ((if you’d have me I suppose…)

I would like to beta test

I volunteer as tribute.
Beta-Volunteering, I mean.

Am I currently missing anyone that wants to be in on this? I’ve received more interest than I was expecting, and don’t want to leave anyone out.


Sure, but I’ll work you in when I get my second compilation ready, which I’m hoping will be in a few more days, but it’s hard to tell. The section I’m working on currently is rather complicated.


Just pushing this topic up so I can check and see which of my beta testers is still with me.

I am still here.

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Another bump. My second compilation is ready and about to be sent out to people. If I miss you, let me know.

It seems that I’ve sent out a second round that’s the same as the first, and I’m not sure why. Apologies to everyone for the inconvenience. I’m going to try again and hope dropbox is going to cooperate.

Giving a bump based on the need for beta-testers within the next few days.

I’d be keen to test out the game.

I’ll count you in, Orkwut. It should be ready within the next couple days.