Lucid: I am in need of Beta Testers for my CScomp entry! (Closed)

I need ADULT beta testers. My story contains graphic violence and has references to drug use. You must be over 18-years-old to read this story, sorry.

I am only going to take a few testers. Please only request if you have the time to send me an email with comments and errors found. If you don’t have the time to do that, wait till June and play it with everyone else.

Send me an email at mike_walter at bell dot net if you are interested! Don’t use PM’s here, use my email address.


Version 2 is up and running. I changed quite a bit, so it would be nice to have some fresh eyes looking at it.

It’s still very much adult, but if anyone else would like to Beta Test, send me an email at the address above.

Please, only request access if you actually intend to respond with some errors and comments!

This is it! If you are one of my testers, please be sure to send me any last minute emails today. I plan to send it in tomorrow. Thanks again!